Announcing Grail Castle Old Duel

  • I thought it was time to draw attention to this map, it is a high fps old duel map set in the ground of Neushwanstein castle, with features which support old duel style practice and tournaments.

    For tournaments there are stands either side of the main fighting area for spectators, and FPS will make 120 for those with the rig to manage that.
    Ð † Jack of Blades is starting a tourney TOADAY!!! see which will be fought in the Grail Castle courtyard - see list of participants here

    There are 2 courtyards to practice in, from spawning in the knights hall you are next to the upper courtyard, and also have respawn notices to use which will take you to the lower courtyard (or you can stroll down if you fancy the walk)

    There are barrels of water dotted about the place which will refresh you with some health between duels.

    There are also 6 sparring partners (bots) for you to train with - These are not your average bots and are designed to help you practice or train in certain moves or situations.

    You can practice and train in basic skills with all the sparring partners available, it is always good to practice the basics like blocking, block and riposte and combos etc.

    For those of ‘developing’ skills, you can take the opportunity to train drags, ducks, matrixes, cftps, reverse overheads etc

    Some of the sparring partners have other opportunities to train things as mentioned below.

    *HEALTH WARNING, although good for training certain things and can be fun to fight, fighting bots is no substitute for combat practice with actual humans.

    The 6 training partners are listed below, a 7th is in development and the winner of the above tourament I have said will be able to name him - so watch this space!!!

    Swan Knight

    The Swan Knight (Lord Matthias) is the Lord of Neushwanstein after inheriting it from his father who died when the Masons treacherously stole the castle.

    He fights with a the knightly weapons of a Sword of War but can change to a holy water sprinkler if he desires. He practices his martial skills often and enjoys practices with any lowly challenger. His 2 handed style is good for training in ducks and he is often known to stab with the Sword of War so practice your matrixing also.

    Grail Knight

    The current undefeated victor of the Agathian tournaments (Sir Benedictus) is currently recovering from a few wounds after the retaking of Neushwanstein so expect him to go a bit easier on you than he normally would.

    He fights with longsword and Kite Shield and is still quite tough despite his wounds, a challenging sparring partner and useful for training to attack around shields.

    **Black Knight

    You wouldn’t like him if you went for a drink with him, and he wouldn’t like you, but he will spar with you. And although he may grimace internally at your pathetic attempts at combat he won’t let it show - that’s chivalry for you. Don’t worry he will hold back a bit to give you a chance.

    He fights with Messer and may switch to the heavy flail if he is feeling especially pissed. So good for practicing all the basics as well as ducks and matrixes.

    Target Practice Bob

    He may look like a peasant now, but this wily old git used to be a man at arms with an exceptional reputation on the dueling circuit, although now retired he keeps up his martial training and his special agility practices.

    He fights with a cudgel or thrusting dagger and will give you a good work out and practice hitting someone who is reasonably fast.

    Tower Knight

    One of the old guard of the Grail Castle having survived the mason attack he is still putting in the practice with his heater shield and holy water sprinkler.

    Fighting in confined spaces takes skill and the Tower Knight will help you practice this as well as getting around his shield. You may lead him into the spiral stair also to practice the various tactics you need there. Don’t forget castle spiral stairs are wound in the direction to give advantage to the defender, so he will have his shield close to the pillar and his right hand free to strike, whilst you are more confined.

    Swan Guard

    Fighting with Halberd or Dane Axe the Swan guard will give you a good sparring session, His 2 handed style is good for training in ducks and watch those alt overheads of course.

    This is part of the Fortification Competition Grail Castle Map Pack and is still in Beta. As I mentioned above there is 1 more bot in the works, and I have a request to put some ammo boxes around the place which will be coming. Any other requests for a good old duel and training map, please just ask.

  • …and reports of a successful tournament from Jack of Blades - highlights can be seen here

  • So the winner of the competition was was Shack, so as promised I am adding another sparring partner who will be called “Master Shack”, he is the kings master at arms and dueling coach, he is very good and fast so useful to practice those reactions on :-)

    Also I am trying to change the Swan knight to use the new Agathian armor - we shall see if it works!!!

  • I built a new version after the patch, some ppl had workshop downliaf issues hope this fuxes ut.

    I Know the bots are a but glitched after the parch…. working on it…

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