[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Insurrection [Tentatively]

  • **Backstory
    **[All Titles are tentative]

    The Agathian Prison, Baylen’s Keep, is a lone mountain formation on a small island several hundreds of leagues from any semblance of civilization.

    It is a harsh place, of cold climate and deadly terrain, where stands Vex Peak, named quite aptly, as anyone who has ever set foot near it will tell you.

    The Agathians have built a Mine within Vex Peak after its very specific yield of natural resources was discovered, but once the laborers began to refuse the working conditions, the Agathians turned it into a Labor Camp for the most heinous degenerates to rot away their years while still being of some service.
    Baylen’s Keep is also used as a midway harbor to store goods that must be shipped elsewhere, but many seafarers would prefer a month or two on sea as opposed to a night at Vex Keep.

    As a consequence of its unwelcoming geography and extremely intimidating surroundings, the Mountain is also used as a refuge for Political Prisoners and Individuals of Interest, who often spend several years in luxury here, under the King’s Protection, to make sure no threat comes to them. To this end, the slaves are also forced to work toward the construction of lavish interior spaces for these Individuals of Value to the King.
    6 Mason Generals have been captured and brought to Vex Keep to rot in the Central Cell for what remains of their miserable lives… but they’ve come with a plan.

    A bit of concept art to show you just how treacherous the peak looks from the outside.

    The first Top-Down sketch of the level

    A more detailed version of the Top-Down

    Production is now in full-force and we’ll have some in-game screens soon!

    **Objectives (Mason):
    1. **Begin the Insurrection:**a. Break the Prison doors
    b. Escape the Prison
    2. **Incite the Rebellion / Bring Down the House:**a. Find your way into the Prison Keep
    b. Locate the valuable goods and supplies kept here
    c. Destroy it all
    d. Force the Agathians to abandon the Mountain
    3. **Destroy the Oppressors**a. Locate the King’s Protected (Agatha MVP),
    an Agathian Asset taking refuge at Vex Peak
    b. Kill his guards
    c. Kill the King’s Protected

    **Objectives (Agatha):
    1. _Halt the Insurgents_a. Hold the Prison Doors
    b. Kill the Insurgents
    2. _Hold the Fort_a. Protect the sea-bound goods
    b. Crush the rebellion
    3. _The Greater Good_a. Defend the King’s Protected (Agatha MVP) at all costs
    b. Guide him to the shipyard
    c. Escape

    **Key Ideas
    1. Create a map with some semblance of symmetry
    2. Create a map that has backstory that could clearly tie into the existing literature of Chivalry
    3. Try to make level elements that could evolve over the course of playa. By adding more Pathways (not just one extra gateway)
    b. By blocking existing Pathways (not just forward spawning)
    c. By changing the level visually
    4. The Map needs to be quick-paced and adaptable to several game modes
    5. Add something to make the levels feel a bit different every time you play
    6. Play around with the existing paradigm of game objectives to make something unique
    7. Added dynamism with an Escort Objective to give Defenders more active gameplay

    Other Absurdities/Details
    1. Spawn not on an extremity of the map, but in the middle, with the final objectives being on the extremities.
    2. Make level traversal evolve over the course of the game, for example:a. Mason completes an objective in X area
    b. Due to the objective the area slightly changes (fires, hidden paths, etc.)
    c. Agatha must traverse the same area for their objective Y
    d. Area looks different or must be traversed differently
    3. Moving mine carts to travel in. This is a weirder idea and we don’t know what to do with it just yet, but here’s to hoping we find a way to use them soon.

    About Us:

    Finally, a bit about the makers of this map.
    We’re 3 members in the team, all students (2 of Game Design and 1 of Game Art).
    This contest is, we feel, the perfect opportunity to flex our collective muscles in an actual game without having to worry (too much) about asset production and all that extra pipeline noise, especially given the challenge of creating something fun and playable in an already rich universe.

  • Looks wicked, we need more snowy maps!

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