• can anyone help me, i have re installed multiple times and i don’t have any custom maps?

  • wtf is your steam library in the Black Ink Demo folder?

    Dunno what all that’s about though, sorry.

  • Stupid question, I know, but what are you trying to run? CMW or CDW(the expansion)?

  • Developer

    It’s one of those obnoxiously obscure .NET errors. The launcher is trying to look for itself, at the path shown in the screenshot (D:\SteamLibrarygames\Black Ink Demo \steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\ChivLauncher.exe), but can’t find any file there, and is throwing an exception. It’s all internal .NET / WPF code doing that though.

    Can you… I don’t know, go to that path and make sure that’s where the launcher actually is? Make sure file permissions aren’t set up strangely? Try doing a Verify in Steam (Steam Library -> Right click on Chivalry -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity…)?

    The other, “normal” launcher troubleshooting steps might help:

    1. Navigate to C:\Users<user name="">\AppData\Local\CDWLauncher

    Delete that folder. Start the launcher again; it’ll regenerate that directory.

    1. Ensure the 32-bit (“x86”) Visual Studio 2012 redistributable is installed, in case Steam failed to install it for some reason

    2. Try uninstalling .NET, then reinstalling it</user>

  • Developer

    I’m really hoping he stopped responding because one of these steps worked.

  • Perhaps he misplaced his browser installation directory.

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