The official cosmetic unlock thread of shiny goodness!

  • Dragonfury has entered shrink mode!
    Dragonfury casts Longpost!
    It’s super effective!

    Being able to style, ‘personalise’ your character draws people in, since they can identify with the person they do all the chopping with more.

    Also, I guess some people like to have ‘achieved’ someting in their game, done something other than wasting time, gaining e-peen. They like seeing an icon of a gold coin with the number 100.000 next to it. They like seeing “Achievement unlocked: AwesomeSkillZorz”.

    It’s why people play Minecraft. They SEE the outcome of their “hard work” -> A shiny castle. They like it when other people comment on how it must have taken so much hard work. This makes the game, for them, more than just a waste of their lives.

    Having unlocked all the thins makes them l33t. They stand above the crowd. They have proven they’re REAL MANLY MEN. Not 40 year old virgins sitting in a basement.

    Of course most of this is unconscious

    Now, of course, reasons may differ between people, but this is what I sense in it all.

    I’m not a real shrink, nor do I have any training whatsoever in that region. I’m only 16. However, I am more sensitive to the feelings of others than your average person, and though I hesitate to act based on what I sense others feel because I might be wrong, I’ve been right most of the times.

    The eyes are the gateways to the soul

  • I think that cosmetic unlocks are cool– besides for aesthetic reasons-- because they signal an

    1. an accomplished warrior/force to be reckoned with.

    2. somebody for your team to rally around.

    3. somebody who you may know/recognize from other play sessions. (and a way to quickly identify friends on the battlefield.)

    All very practical reasons, imo. Plus the shiite would just look cool.

  • @Tibberius:

    We’re still talking this one over on the team about how to implement it for best result and efficiency. Does someone (or a few people) care to tackle the task of explaining the root desire that cosmetic unlocks would fulfill for them? Why do you want them? When are they most rewarding? When do you pay attention to them/ignore them? How big of an impact do they have on your desire to keep playing the game?

    Personally, I’m fairly apathic towards unlocks. I do care about personalization of the character though. Customisable face, hair, beard, heraldry and armour style can really add to the enjoyment of the game as you learn to recognise other players from across half the map solely on their looks and equipment. What I find important about personalization is that there should be enough combinations of customisable stuff to make sure every player can get a unique character that others can recognise as you gain online fame. Unlocks can be a good addition here, as they would reward long-time and/or highly skilled players with the ability to make their character more unique than those of others. If there are enough options, unlocking isn’t even necessary imo, but it’s not a bad thing either.

  • You don’t even necessarily have to have so many customizations as to make it so that every character looks unique from every other because there can only be so many people on a server at one time. Therefore it shouldn’t be too hard to identify friends as long as there are at least a handful of options… assuming people don’t start copying each other.

    (Which, by the way, further illustrates the necessity of anti-tk systems— imagine a TKer who starts making his character look like non-tkers… it would be a nightmare.)

  • people say I’m a tker, but i don’t look like a tker, what do?

  • @Tibberius:

    We’re still talking this one over on the team about how to implement it for best result and efficiency. Does someone (or a few people) care to tackle the task of explaining the root desire that cosmetic unlocks would fulfill for them? Why do you want them? When are they most rewarding? When do you pay attention to them/ignore them? How big of an impact do they have on your desire to keep playing the game?

    I think Modern Warfare did it well (I only played the first MW and haven’t played any of the games since so I don’t know if they continued in the same venue of cosmetic unlocks), having achievements for being proficient in a weapon and totally mastering the weapon, as well as the uber cosmetic unlock for mastering all weapons of one type (gold weapons). It made working towards simple unlocks easy and rewarding in the short term, and kept the prestige related towards the end goal.

    On the basest level I think it just comes down to this: Human beings are still simple animals and we’re attracted to shiny things.

    Some fitting cosmetic milestones could be:
    -Blue weapon for Agatha, Red weapon for Mason
    -Silver weapon for Agatha, Obsidian weapon for Mason
    -Gold weapon for either side.

    Maybe unlocked individually, too, though that would encourage team stacking to a degree. It’d be pretty cool though to give players a reason to favor a particular side, and it even has a story tie-in angle; for example the achievements to unlock the weapons could imply rising through the ranks of the Agathian and Mason arm.

    And that’s just for weapons. Customizable armor for class based achievements and customizable seals/heraldry/banners. what if when you captured an objective like the bridge in Overlook, it showed your banner along with the team banner? what if there was a SUPER EPIC LEVEL ACHIEVEMENT that allowed you to use the Torn Banner Studios emblem on your own banner? now that would be awesome IMHO - maybe even giving unique seals/heraldry/banners as rewards for official Torn Banner sponsored tournament winners, so many possibilities.

    The entire concept of the game is medieval combat, honor and glory on the battlefield - I think cosmetics like this fit that perfectly. Admit it, you want to give cool tournament rewards like that. The competitive community would love you for it.

  • Ok here is my bit, I will try to make it comprehensive and readable.

    Firstly, the benefits of customisation/unlocks:

    Personality: It is very important to me that my character looks how I want him to look, fights how I want him to fight, dresses how I want him to dress. It makes me different from all the other thousands of players out there. It is also really fun to do. Creativity is a good thing to encourage in players, give us tools and we will surprise you!

    The E-peen/ego/self-confidence I don’t think I have met a single person who doesn’t enjoy a bit of showing off. If I get a special looking sword because I managed to decapitate four enemies in a row I’m going to flaunt it. It adds to my characters personality, my satisfaction with the game, and means I can be proud of something I managed to do. Always remember how close to dogs gamers are, they do something good, they want rewarded, and are more likely to continue “playing” when they receive one.

    Community With games like this you start to develop a community, the same players play on the servers gradually getting to know each other, helping them be individuals will give birth and help the community grow, respected players will find it easier to be recognised (Oh btw how about a reward for players that are generally nice to other players?). It is a really good atmosphere to be a part of when you log on to a server and see your old buddy Mike with his trusty chain mail, war axe and spiky helmet gear he fancies, or Ted with his skin tight leathers greasy black hair and a longbow…

    ClansTied in with community, clans are a vital part of any multiplayer game. They are the living breathing heart. They organise events, they recruit more players, they give players more reasons to enjoy playing the game. Any game that gives clans both flexibility and a structure will be improved. (You guys ever though of having an online campaign/ranking system with clans? maybe having clan keeps which can be besieged? I don’t know think on it). I know playing with a clan (which is effectively playing with friends) competitively and just for fun literally increases my enjoyment of the game tenfold, and by the sheer number of players who also experience this I would say its definitely worth looking in too.

    Well I think I have let you suffer enough for now, if you want a more detailed description and explanation send me a PM. Feel free to ask questions :)

  • I can only think of two cosmetic things that I would really like to see in the game…

    Firstly, and I think this is the one most of us would like to see. Would be the ability to add clan emblems on the shields or for shieldless players onto bits of armour like the plate over the shoulder of those little crusader patches that sit on the upper arm. I guess these would be a transparent skin created in photoshop and uploaded through an in game menu.

    Secondly, If anyone ever played and of the early Settlers games, youre soldiers had 3 ranks, reflected most noticeably by their helmets, for example the feather bit on the top of a roman had was very small if he was a low rank and very big if he was a high rank, and there were 3 stages of this. (I’ve attached a file to refresh your memory). Obviously there wasn’t anything like this in medieval times, but perhaps we could have something simular to this in terms of the grandure of the helm.

    So the lowest one would be the norman helmet type thing that just is like a dome at the top with chain mail around the side (the two characters on the right of this very background seem fitting to this)

    The next one would be (the character on the very left with the flag) his is more of a substantial helmet with a fold down face guard.

    The highest rank would be the knightly helm.

    I guess the reason for having these, could be associated with milestones in regards to killing.

    This could be quite interesting as it could effect who you choose to fight on the battlefield, as it would have in real life I suppose.

    Anyway just throwing another Idea out there

  • Well, if it´s gonna be a commercial game, I feel it should have at least the banner feature, pretty much like what was suggested above, or what we can see in M&B. You pick a banner, and such banner is displayed in your shield/clothing. The problem with this system is that some banners will fit agathians better and some will fit masons better, but in both pub games and clan matches you will swap teams. Maybe that can be solved by changing the banner´s color scheme according to what team you are playing in.

    Helmet customization wouldnt be too hard to add either, but i would always limit it so the models make sense (not every class can wear every helmet)

    Also, beware, look at what happened to hat fortress.

  • So we’re all agreed on some sort of banner/heraldry/playercard etc that you can DESIGN (yes?) ,some sort of facial system and also the choice of multiple weapons and weapon designs (go mason sergants morning star) for each class?

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