Terrain Material missing textures

  • Okay really weird seems I have lost all the textures to my terrain material. I have not moved or change the MyPackage folder containing the custom textures. any ideas why this could be happening?

  • Need more info…. so you have a set of new inported textures and a newly created material? And are you really using terrain or is it landscape?

  • I have imported textures for the terrain yes, I used landscape to create the terrain and it is a new material created for it, all are in MyPackage. I did deleted everything in my cookedsdk folder, did a full rebuild a recook and seems to have worked for my server but I have heard from other servers operators that this has happened.

  • ok that rules out a few things :-) one of those being where the material isn’t registered as being used for landscape.

    I am always concerned with unique references - not sure if I should be - but if I were you I would rename MyPackage to FuryAssets or something just to be safe…

    I have also had the landscape itself go bugged and cause this problem - the only way around that one I found was to export the landscape, delete the old object, recreate the landscape as new and re-import the height-map and texture maps…

    not thinking of much else ATM - you could check the material overrides on each landscape component - i had trouble with that once too

  • okay looking into it thanks for the help I know your helping everyone a lot and doing a lot yourself. Will be uploading a new version of map sometimes this morning gonna try not to modify the content pipeline , unless i get more reports of missing textures/material.

  • It happened to me, when I import the materials appeared black. I don’t know why.

  • @leynadix:

    It happened to me, when I import the materials appeared black. I don’t know why.

    I ended up making new personal package and used a terrain material already in game and then repainted it. Sorry should have posted that earlier.

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