Insta-hits still here

  • After 1,5 years, why are there still insta-hits even with the slowest weapons in game??? (for example tha maul, and messer)

    Can someone explain to me if the devs consider this a FEATURE? Or they really don’t give a damn about it?

  • No one half decent has trouble with lookdowns, they aren’t instant.

    If you’re talking about handle hits you just opened a can of worms. Again.

  • You always got your windup time so no attack does hit instantly. It might be strange that you cannot parry an attack before it reaches the “full damage” phase but right now I would consider this a feature (though damage rampup during very release seems to get more and more fans).

  • There’s windup times on every weapon when the tracers don’t draw. No such thing as instant hits.

  • He probably is talking about handle hits. Messer now has them too since the bubble was reduced. Maul, Messer and Grand mace should not have handle hits, imo even polearms should not.

  • Remove handle hits from the game.

    Then re-add them on weapons like the Cudgel and Hunting Knife.

  • Every weapon has “handle hits”, there are no exceptions, it’s how weapon function was designed. Anyways, it’s not going to change; the only possible solution would be to increase the bubble…that’s another problem in itself. I think the game is fine how it is now, despite what I’ve said…I just like to argue:devilish: “Devil’s advocate” I guess. I know it’s frustrating.:topsy_turvy:

  • the only times I get hit quicker than normal is either the:
    handle hits if get facehugged when i get stuck on something/or stuck in group
    180 overhead (where do overhead but back faced to opponent as the windup hits straight away, works well when hitting doors on citadal),
    or when the game just can’t keep up with opponents mouse input & goes all glitchy & you get the wolves of wtf happened there

    but then again, im not that good at this game

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