Silly silly bots…more like newbie map maker :P

  • Alright, so I’ve spent more time learning the UDK and trying to resolve issues than actually doing any mapping work for this competition.

    My current problem is one I just can’t wrap my head around, my AI bots have turned suicidal! :O

    What I mean is that I have a cliff path, If I spawn 16 bots per team, about 6 will follow the AOCAICombatNode’s just fine. The other ones however want to walk around backwards and straight off a cliff face as if they are compelled to kill themselves :\

    Some bots won’t even do that, they just appear confused, walking around on the spot, back and forward, walking backwards :P

    I am sure other’s have run into this before, and I know it’s probably just a rookie problem, but I can’t seem to find any fix online and I’ve been looking for hours :\ (Maybe my brain is just fried from the 16 hour days of work :P)

  • I have the same problem, but they only suicide if there are enemies at the lower level.

  • I had so many issues with nav mesh and different height levels, so i just use path nodes. seems to me that bit in nav meshes just dont understand height differences.

  • I am using “AOCAICombatNode”.
    I am probably going to give PathNode_Dynamic a shot and see if that works any better.

  • bit used that but did use AOCAIArchernodes - have never been sure if they actualy do anything different though!!

    also just for info - every time I used the bot behavior setting on the AOCAINavpoint objects UIDK crashed :-)

    The extra weight setting seems to work quite well though

  • It seems that my bots initially have no brains, they run towards the nearest cliff, or jitter back and forward at spawn, but after about 15 seconds it’s like their brains actually kick in and they nearly all run towards the nearest pathnode.
    I dunno, it’s not a priority, so no point in me spending a lot of time trying to fix bots up now, I would rather get the map into player hands first for online play.

  • Bots are a secondary criteria. A well designed map is more important.

  • Yeah, I have to remind myself of that. I can try to playtest using bots if I want, but that means I need to do a lot of work to get bots working properly. The true test is when actual people play the map, find bugs, tell me they like this, hate that etc. That’s where it becomes really worthwhile I think :)
    So definitely best I just put up with bot stupidity for the time being, in favour of making a functional map.

  • @Andrew:

    Bots are a secondary criteria. A well designed map is more important.

    if you run a server with ai in it its kinda really important that they work right, other wise people think that the bots kinda suck

    the ai cant even make it out of the spawns in most team maps,
    their ranged weapons don’t show up in online play,
    only in offline can you see and be hit by their ranged weapons, that’s kinda important.

    would be nice if the ai in chiv had a once over and some stuff was fixed in one of these awesome patches you guys have been rolling out lately.

    im sure a lot of us would really appreciate it.
    I know I really would.

  • I now find myself with another issue. The AI keep trying to run to spawn points as if they are some kind of objective.
    Which makes it frustrating when I turn the player spawns off/disable them as the map progresses, the bots should be moving to the frontline, but instead, they run aaaaaaall the way back to spawn.
    Now it’s at the point where they don’t leave spawn at all, they just all clump around spawn points doing a little dance. :(

    And the AI seems to have a detection radius of enemies. Once within that radius, the AI will follow the pathnodes …somewhat correctly (not all the bots behave properly though).

  • I tried it.
    My archers could kill me when I play in the editor, I need to try online.
    Pathnodes talking, If you use aoccompat you can’t make follow to paths (or I don’t know how)
    I wanted to do a static enemies but they always run thought playing space/paths.

  • ive also noticed that the bots can kill you fine and you can see their projectiles in offline play or single player,
    but host a server with them and the only thing they can hit you with is the fire arrows, it would be great if this glitch was fixed
    so they can use and we can see all their ranged attacks and be hit by all their ranged weapons.

    I hope that its a simple fix like something just needs to be extended properly for online play by TB.

  • oh i have been hit by normal arrows a lot when testing with bots - unless this is something that has changed in a recent patch. Gonna do another test later i will keep an eye out.

  • nah its been like that for a long time, I don’t think Tb knows about it though.

    It would be great if we got a patch that focused on this kinda stuff instead of some unwanted features and just more ridiculous nerfs to the game.

    but it seems all these kids want nowadays is dumb nerfs, thinking its gonna make the game play better or the gameplay better or them better or something.

    all we can do is ask and hope for some much needed changes.

  • Yeah… maybe a while… it vertainly used yo work, i remeber my bearded axe handle hit block some of them…

  • So, I will change the archers into combatants!

  • Archerd are working on client aide tests

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