[WIP] Fortification map contest - The last refuge (name could change)

  • Hey guys,

    i want to give you a first look on what we have so far.
    ,We" means Kurbisbirne aka me and Tellerwascher.

    I am responsible for the map, so all the visible stuff and he is resonsible for
    all the scripting so youre able to play this in the future.

    In the next weeks i will give you much more details about
    the story, the objectives, our work and much more… but today, to
    increase the anticipation, i just show you some pictures. :)

    big picture: http://imgur.com/Mc9wIOu

    big picture: http://imgur.com/hkaWyR3

    big picture: http://imgur.com/EwTeaMu

    big picture: http://imgur.com/IDsrFKl

    big picture: http://imgur.com/RLcpeCw

    As you can see, the plan is to give the whole thing a brutal medieval look and dont be scared of
    the lack of light… when all the little point lights and torches found their way into the map, everything
    will look a bit brighter and more playable.

    On one screen you see the layout… on the empty area on the left will be a village in the future,
    on the right is the fortress with a big, accessible main building and the area in the mountains direction, the
    canyon, will be the spawn point of the attackers… in this case the Agatha fraction.

    I hope you enjoy the first look. :tranquillity:

  • Oooh, looks good! Has a very Helms Deep Feel, might just stick this up on our custom server when you get objective functionality working and do a basic art pass :D

  • Worked on the Agatha spawn the last hours and on a evil secret i wont reveal now :emmersed:

    big picture: http://i.imgur.com/gTDuVCi.jpg

  • Very atmospheric, I can already imagine what it will look like when u texture her right up!

  • Looks impressive!

  • So… a few hours of work found their way into the map and i have a few new screens for you. :02.47-tranquillity:

    I start with the first part of the village…

    big picture: http://i.imgur.com/xINZQ2Q.jpg

    The current view when you walk towards the castle…

    big picture: http://i.imgur.com/kBVHyIY.jpg

    And a picture of the Mason spawn at the harbor gate…

    big picture: http://i.imgur.com/L08ues2.jpg

    And please dont notice the lighting of the leaves, im still experimenting with the evil
    foliage lightning… it wont give me good shadows and lightbuild results so far.

    Tips are welcome. :beguiled:

    Screens of the inside of the castle will come with the next update.

    There is still a long way to go but we´re making progress.
    I hope you´ll enjoy it. :smug:

  • I worked on the village in the last days and the result looks quite good, in my view at least. :)

    Still a lot to do for me… followed by a hell of work for tellerwascher who will make this map playable
    with all the kismet and scripting stuff.

    And dont worry, i will give you guys some details about the objectives in a few weeks.

    You can look forward for a map full of details and cool stuff… i love details… :highly_amused:

    big picture: http://i.imgur.com/0InPWb0.jpg

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