Official Server griefers

  • There are these two griefers on an official LTS US central server who wont stop provoking people or initiating random votekicks. I am getting VERY VERY annoyed by this. I cant play a simple game of LTS without them spoiling it. :ambivalence:
    Don’t know if I am allowed to say the names but they are: [Removed][(not sure of exact name)] and [Removed]. I wish someone would take care of them.

  • The game needs active administrators to survive, lawless abounds.

  • [Removed], now there’s a familiar name.

  • Thanks for reporting this. I’ve removed the names above in accordance with forum rules.

    I’ll have a look around for the players you mentioned. However in the meantime it’d be handy to know which specific US Central LTS servers they visit or roughly at what times (also if you’ve played with them recently, you can go into steam > view players and if you can send me their profiles via PM if you still have them on the player list :)

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