Kismet - Detect when bot on specific team spawns or dies.

    **I am doing a kismet sequence that will serve as a ticket counter, and so far, so good.
    However I want it to detect when a bot from team Agatha spawns in, but I can’t seem to find any function for that yet.


    At the moment, my counter will subtract 1 from the tickets when a player spawns, or when a bot spawns, and every 7 seconds, it will add 4 to the tickets.

    My problem right now is that I have placed down a “Bot Spawned” function in Kismet, but that just detects when any bot spawns, rather than bots of just the Agathian team.

    I have tried to find another function that allows me to detect when a bot spawns from a certain team, but I haven’t had any luck.

    I have also tried to link the Bot Spawned function to “New Conditions>AOCconditions>Is Team” with no such luck.

    I am sure it is something stupid, and because of my lack of knowledge of the functions within Kismet, it will probably take me a bit of time to find exactly what I need, but if anybody can help, that would be great.

    I haven’t spent a long time on this Kismet, but I am roughing out what I need to do in Kismet in a test map, for my contest entry for every objective.
    So then I can use the test map’s kismet as a bit of a template.

    Anyway, thank you in advance, the sooner I figure out things like this in Kismet, the sooner you guys all get to play my map :)

  • yeah AOC AI - Bot Spawned works for me then link to a condition to test the team.

  • So you have it set up like so:

    “Bot Spawned” OUT > IN “Is Team”

    Then use the AOCplayerstart as the Spawn point variable on “Bot Spawned”?

  • Ok, I got it to work, just I was durping a little :P

    The setup was almost correct, bot’s that spawn as part of a team are spawned in place of player’s…therefore they are actually players:

    “PLAYER spawned” output links to input of “Is Team” (Don’t use Bot Spawned)

    Linking to the “Player Spawned” Instigator AND “Is Team” Player variable is a blank (???) object variable.
    That did the trick :P

  • yeah you can do it with bot spawned too - use an object variable for that. I think you cna use a player variable for the player one though

  • You are correct, it does work with both, for some reason I thought it only worked on one, but I am tired, and with tiredness, becomes durpeyness :P

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