Kick versus mighty kick

  • I only press F to kick. The new splash screen reminded me you can wind up your leg for an almighty kick.

    What is the difference mechanically? Is the heavy kick useful?

  • Feint a shield user to make them raise it, then hard kick to stagger them.

  • weak kick does 2 damage, strong kick does 5. anyone who has fought me knows i use kicks to kill people whenever i know one will finish them. and i can tell by the player model

    and all classes have 100 health and just take more/less damage.

  • Heavy kick staggers a player with raised shield and does slightly more damage. These are the only differences I’m aware of.

    Decent shield user won’t fall for that, tho it can be helpful against those who keep the shield up after being parried no matter what.

  • Heavy kick can be used to stun shield users if they have their shield raised.

  • Hell yeah it’s useful. Certain weapon hit combinations leave your opponents 2-5 units from death, a light kick might not kill them, but the heavy will.

    Heavy kick stuns shield users who hold their shield to the kick.

  • Makes sense there was always a bitch who hit my MAA with an overhead and finished with a kick, I assume a heavy kick

  • Yeah, Zwei overhead into MAA torso leaves them 1 unblockable jump kick away from sweet, sweet death

  • Tap Kick (Quick Kick) when people are using slow 2handers, to flinch! (I think you can do it in release too, hehehehe blasphemy)

    Works best when they are doing an obvious Overhead or Slash. Stabs however, just parry that! :D

  • Kind of wish they’d add a different animation for the quicker attack so it’s easier to tell what’s happening. Say an off-hand punch for one handers, a quick jab with the pommel for two handers. Would read better and add a bit of drama.

  • Used to be called ‘Daze kick’ before and the difference between Daze kick and Quick kick is first of all that Daze kick was meant to be used to put shield users into daze state if you managed to succesfully land the kick while they are holding their shield in hold state, it also used to happend during recovery, but this was removed for a stupid reason. (We shouldn’t be able to punish shield same way feints punish non-shield, fucking logic TB)

    And there is a stamina difference, I think it drains 5+ more stamina to perform a Daze kick, and daze kick has a slightly longer windup which I believe is 0.35, while quick kick has like 0.1 or no windup at all, again not quite sure. This is something I never really looked into but I can do that to get more accurate answers.

    And of course the damage difference, Daze does 5, while quick kick only does 3. Sometimes when you are using a weapon combination that ends with finishing off the opponent with a daze or quick kick can mean a lot. For example, if you land two overheads with the warhammer but did not manage to kill the Knight, a quick kick should then be enough to finish them, which is unblockable.

    I have to say that I dislike the way kicks works like now.
    I think that Quick Kick should lose its ability to flinch people in release state, that should be something only for the Daze kick, so that the Daze kick can be a manouver to interrupt people who use delayed swings and give you too much time to actually act, that would be a suitable role for the Daze kick to punish delayers. Fast kick should be a windup interrupter, like if you have a weapon that is too slow for that purpose, you could be using quick kick instead.

    I also suggest that the stamina cost to perform kick should be reduced, and the stamina drain from being kicked should be completely removed.

    Also, give daze kicks the window to flinch shield users while being in hold and recovery state, its retarded how a shield user can just cancel instantly to prevent being punished by a feint to daze kick.
    Logic Torn Banner, logic.

  • Yarnu’s recent Zwei vid shows a beautifully applied quick kick. About halfway though a (i think) knight attacks and is parried, meanwhile his vanguard buddy comes running on to Yarnu’s left and ‘pop’ a quick kick puts him in his place.

    If you haven’t watched it, you should for that alone.

  • That’s what you do in javelin melee combat. Quick kicks all around. You can really overwhelm people. Though back peddling beats kicking which is a problem. But since pretty much no one used javelins for melee no one really know what to do against you. Though if you make a mistake you are pretty much dead.

    Stab, shield attack, quick quick. If they parry and don’t riposte you quick kick them again. If you et two attack on they usually parry the third that’s why you quick kick. And of course long kick for shields. You can convince some shield knights to turtle if you are fast. Since you have javelins they can’t kite or dance. As you just throw something at them. Not recommended with heavy javelins though as the reload time is really long and if you miss they can come back as hit you.

  • -Both kicks can flinch the enemy no matter what, even in release.

    -There IS a stamina difference: Heavy Kick costs slightly more

    -Heavy Kicks take slightly longer to execute

    -As others have said, heavy kick into a raised shield for “dazed” effect on your opponent… same as when you run out of stamina.

    -I also believe that stamina regen starts sooner after a quick kick, but not 100% sure.

    -Both kicks do 5 dmg if I’m not mistaken, and both will drain stamina from the person being kicked.

    Heavy kicks are only used against shield users, period. No other reason to use them. Quick kicks have almost become another attack in my arsenal though. I find myself using it more and more. Works great for facehug opponents and interrupting attacks. I’ll actually start off with a kick sometimes if my opponents weapon is slow with longer release times, like the Maul or Zweihander. You risk trading of course, but if your timing is right, the flinch in release will come RIGHT before the trade on his end. Really cool way of throwing off your opponent :D

    Quick kicks are often the fastest aggressive maneuver you can throw with a majority of the games weapons too. It can outpace a lot of the arsenal.

  • Quick kick doesn’t consistantly flinch people in release I don’t even know if its supposed to. My head rolling across the ground is proof of that.

    Also according to the patch notes when they implemented two kicks the quick kick isn’t actually supposed to deal damage.

  • @H:

    -Both kicks do 5 dmg if I’m not mistaken, and both will drain stamina from the person being kicked.

    Quick kick does 2 damage, heavy does 5 damage IIRC.


    Heavy kicks are only used against shield users, period. No other reason to use them.

    I don’t know about NA but here in EU there was this really popular poleaxe combo for killing knights. Stab -> OH -> heavy kick. Quick kick didn’t do enough damage to kill a knight from that combo but heavy kick did.

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