AOCSeqAction_ModifySpawnPoint stopped working

  • hello guys,

    it took me a while to discover that the only way how to change spawns is with AOCSeqAction_ModifySpawnPoint

    it stopped working,
    few hours / max days ago

    duno why
    I didn’t change anything

    anyone else so angry about this like me : / ?

  • Developer

    It should still work, can you paste a screenshot of your kismet so we can help?

    It is worth noting that you can’t reference spawnpoints in an objectlist, but have to link each one individually in order for the modifyspawnpoint node to work.

  • Yes it still works,

    You are right Tibberius, thank you very much for quick response.

    I had spawns in objectlist to keep kismet tidy,
    after correction it works fine, that’s great :).

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