Anyone else using custom keys - not WSAD? Loading screen fail…

  • Hi,

    Why does the loading screen assume I haven’t changed all the controls? That keyboard graphic shows me false information.

    WSAD isn’t for everyone, it isn’t for me with my slightly larger hands. There’s no way in hell I’m squashing my fingers into WSAD.

    I’m using A, Z, SHIFT, X for direction instead, ALT for sprint, SPACE for use, and a few other changes.

    This layout is the original control layout pioneered in Terminator Future Shock - one of, if not the first 3D fps using a mouse as the control in a proper 3D environment. Even had small rolling hills, flying and driving. This is before Quake. Skynet came later with better levels and again used the A-Z, shift, X layout.

    A,Z,Shift,X is more ergonomic than WSAD, and more comfortable. Your hands naturally rest on the A and Z keys, with plenty of room for the left direction on the Shift key. It takes getting used to, and isn’t for everyone, but I never get RSI, and I do ok in FPS games. Thumb hovers above ALT (sprint), index finger on Z (backwards), middle finger on A (forwards), ring finger on shift (left). My little finger does nothing but could press CTRL if mapped something there.

  • Do you really have to complaing about it? jeez…

  • @GRAT0R:

    Do you really have to complaing about it? jeez…

    Just autism things.

  • It’s supposed to just show the default keybinds, not sure what you’re on about.

  • That is the 2nd dumbest key layout I have seen so far here.

    What was that other one someone posted the other day? That shit was mental.

  • Default Keybinds intended to help beginners.

  • Is there a reason the keybinds reset with every patch? Moving a few things around is a chore, but having to go into the ini to set the console key to something that isn’t " ’ " is a pain in the arse.

  • You already know your keybinds, why do you need it on a loading screen? And btw, I don’t know how you do that, I tried laying my fingers on the keyboard that way and it felt awkward as hell :P

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