New To Chivalry - Looking for a guild to start with

  • Hey,
    I’ll be playing Chivalry for the first time this beta when it starts. I’m looking for a guild to start out with and get into the competitive scene with. I don’t know my options right now, but if anyone is recruiting I’d be happy to get details.

  • Hi EpiChlo,

    welcome to the Chivalry forums
    Just wanted to tell you that our clan, The Immortal Kings is recruiting so it would be a pleasure for us if you would have a look at our website
    we had many clanwars and clan trainings in the previous chivalry game and we were successful so we will head for the competetive scene in chivalry mw as well
    also, feel free to contact me
    IK website
    and here is our chivalry guildhall thread viewtopic.php?f=50&t=1879


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