Is Chivalry ready for release?

  • I love this game, and everything that its creation represents, but I personally think it needs more time in the oven before people start handing in $25 expecting a ‘finished’ product. I’m not being a hater, but let’s consider what is at stake here…

    If the game is released on time, but resembles the state it is in right now, the likelihood is very high that reviewers may rip it to shreds based on the still-formidable list of bugs that need to be worked out. Yes, every game has bugs upon release and patches are required, but usually these are things that haven’t been encountered in beta yet, things that only a real pressure test can reveal, or obscure bugs that rarely crop up.

    Torn Banner has been great about addressing bugs, and the game has made LEAPS and bounds in the past few weeks alone, but there are still some deal breakers in the current version. I’ll mention a few sore points with me, for context, though anyone who has tested this game is already familiar with them:

    VOIP - Works, sorta, for some people? It’s not quite ready for primetime yet.

    Server List - Mine still won’t populate.

    Playability - I recently left a LTS game where one team didn’t have enough tokens to respawn, and the game just never progressed. The Masons were forced to run around for all eternity in the level, because there were no Agathians present, but the level wouldn’t complete. Choosing weapons with the number keys is inconsistent, you don’t always get the same loadout by pressing the same key.

    Audio - No complaints with most of this, atmospheres are amazing, battle sounds get me super-pumped, battle cries really make it something special…but the quality of some of the voice commands is very low. Some is downright cringe-worthy…I heard one yell something about “to the purpose!”, and it sounded like the actor wasn’t really comfortable with the Shakespearean style of the script. It really took me out of the immersion. The rest of the game is so polished, so beautiful, so immersive, but these little details are very important in a retail-level game. If money was thin on voice work, I think it would be a better idea to just recycle the good cuts across characters until higher quality ones can be procured and added in later. Players expect to hear a few different characters, but I don’t think they’ll get angry over the Vanguard and the Knight sounding the same, etc.

    I know this project has taken its toll on the TB team, and I know they are spending many sleepless nights trying to address the myriad bugs people are reporting, but I also know that this game is their baby, their brainchild, and it represents what could well be a turning point in their professional (perhaps their personal) lives. It would break my heart to see the game released, then marginalized right when they need the buzz the most, killing the release momentum that could carry this title from the niche into something HUGE. Just my two cents.

  • This game is completely playable, just a few small bugs. The only bugs I’ve seen in 50 hours of playing was that sometimes when sprinting, health and stamina regen. It only happens sometimes, and for reasons I can’t tell. Oh and the arena bug where the audience is a bunch of hats. Doesn’t effect gameplay.

  • No game is ever perfect for release, a lot of games spend half their release day with servers down or patches trying to fix what goes wrong in them lol.

    The game is ready for release based on the price, if it was a bit more then I’d say it’s worth keeping back the release a bit to sort out the combat and especially the damned VOIP (Worst system so far)

    Will always be bugs, but meh, games been released with worse problems.

  • I was under the impression that the server list was a beta issue. If not that would be a must fix before release.

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