Accessing the scoreboard progress through kismet

  • Does anyone know how to modify this section of the scoreboard?

    I’ve tried using the “Register Objective Scoreboard Description” action but it only seems to work before the relevant objective is active. And I don’t see any other actions that refer to the scoreboard.

  • I asked this question a few days ago, but no one replies.

    I have no Idea how to do it.

  • Alright I found how they did it in the example map BasicSetup_Ex if anyone wants to find it for themselves.
    Basically use Register Objective Scoreboard Description with Use Integer Cur Max checked. And use {Cur} and {Max} in the Base Text for the numbers that you use. Then hook up your relavant variables into the node.

    Note: For some reason this doesn’t update until the game actually starts so you have to addbots to check if it actually works.

  • I’m trying to use this in order to count killed peasant.

    All is set like in Stoneshill, but doesn’t work…

    Is there a trick to do it?

  • See on the top where it says “Base Text”? Instead of “DefendTheVillage” you want something like “{Cur} out of {Max} peasants kill/remaining”.

  • I know that, but it didn’t work so I replace it with the same setting than in Stonehill. But it doesn’twork…

  • I think they use variable names for base text.

    Write in your “Register Object Sequence” + “Register Objective Scoreboard Description” the same Base Text like “{Cur} out of {Max} peasants kill/remaining” and it will work.

  • Thank you dude !

    I didn’t saw the scoreboard line in the “Register Object Sequence” !

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