King HUD marker

  • Hey, I been trying to figure out how to get the hud marker for killing the king to work. I posted about it in my maps thread but figured it was more fitting here.

  • Are you talking about on a server or locally? Kill the King doesn’t really work with bots as far as I know so you need to test it on a server.

  • I have the King working, and I know that it doesn’t work with bots. But when playing there is no HUD marker showing where the king is. So it becomes a game of hide and seek instead.

  • hey,

    I’ve been struggling with this also for a while

    the easiest way how to do this:
    spawn king in air (or any area that others can’t reach and king defintely will exit) in some triggervolume,
    and use AttachToActor action to attach HUD to player (king)

    use Untouched event for trigger volume and in instigator link create object variable (that will be king) and to this king variable (target) attach HUD marker (attachment)


    for testing, you will need to respawn as king’s faction before king objective, and you will be king then (that’s the only way how to test king solo as far as I know)

  • There are setting for this in the register objective sequence not sure on the details yet but TBS said they would be posting about how this works in the future.

  • Now I tried looking into the register objective sequence and I find nothing helpful that I don’t already do. Or does it have something to do with the stage objectives?

  • And it was. I got it working. So what you have to do is add the objective to the stage objectives in the register objective sequence.

  • Could you post the image to kismet please?

  • Yeah sure, here:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks! Sorry but I knew this, I misunderstand it, I thought that you wanna to put the (life or health) of the king.
    Myenglish is poor, sorry!

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