Reverse overhead double hit question

  • Story to begin with:
    Playing on a pub as a knight with the double axe. At one point I get into a fight with an maa and as it goes the axe is just too slow and short and I don’t exactly maim it so it goes bad. To turn it worse an enemy knight comes to aid the maa, outnumbered I’m becoming more and more desperate as I repeatedly get flinched and hit. So when I see the maa run past me from my left and the knight moving to my right I attempt to perform a reverse overhead. To my surprise I hear the heavy hit and a cry of pain as the first few frames of the attack hit the maa behind me, I turn around hitting the knight along the way and finally to look at the terrified and confused maa covered in blood. And suddenly I as well chop his leg off with the last part of my very same overhead.

    So now I wonder, is it possible for the same attack to hit one enemy twice? I’ve always been convinced that one attack can hit each enemy only once, to prevent situation where you’d drag your blade keeping it inside one enemy and achieving several hits. But now I managed to hit the maa twice with my attack. Maybe there is a long delay between how often you can hit one enemy and as I have hit him with the first frame and the last fram of the attack I might have got around that cooldown… I don’t know, it might as well be possible that the other knight managed to hit as a overhead from the double axe does very heavy damage on torso hit on a maa, but I am quite convinced it was me who killed him.

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  • You’re certain the other knight or an archer didn’t hit the MaA as well? If not, maybe lag? I didn’t think double hitting was possible either.

  • Maybe if he circled around into the path of your swing? I haven’t tried that but it seems unlikely.

  • I hit him with the beginning of the release and then turned around hit him with the end of it, one swing. I am quite certain the it was my attack what hit him to the leg but then again it could have been a coincidence and the knight TK’d him instead (coincidentally to the leg my axe was in?). I didn’t have time to check kill feed so I am not sure.

    Looking at the numbers, it might actually be possible that you can deal damage to single enemy only every 0.5 seconds as the release of double axe overhead is 0.55

    Would be handy if someone, who got reliable info whether this is how it works or whether it was a very unlikely coincidence that was just testing my faith, could contribute.

  • It is not possible.

  • You can’t hit somebody twice with the same swing, or else you could kill someone easily with one stab by quickly dragging it in and out of their body.

  • Its impossible to be hit twice by the same swing trace, this has been confirmed.

  • @Kim:

    You can’t hit somebody twice with the same swing, or else you could kill someone easily with one stab by quickly dragging it in and out of their body.

    you’d need a pretty long release time, i would’t consider this an easy move at all, mouse turn cap too.

  • So if there was a guy standing next to the maa who got hit by the start of the reverse overhead, would the next part of the swing go harmlessly through the maa and damage the guy next to him?

  • The only thing I can think of that might allow this is the fact you hit someone in between the two MaA hits. Maybe the engine knows you can’t hit someone twice with the same tracer but that get’s reset if you hit another person in between?

  • There was a hacker once who slowed down his weapon swings.

    Hilarious because he could only hit us all once and that was it. He left and came back later as your average stupid speed hacker who doubles his speed. As on our screens the animaion itself looked normal to us. He would just walk up to you an you would take a hit. The way it looked we all assumed he slowed down his weapon.

    Though very strange as I didn’t actually think you could hack movement speed and swing speed separately. I though hackers altered one thing that changed their speed for everything.

  • Hmm…. then it most like was a very amusing coincidence. Sure was an eye candy though, I felt epic.

    Well thank you all for clarifying.

  • This does happen from time to time. You simply need to hit the enemy within the time of the swings animation, twice. It may look like it could hit but even when your target looks like it is being hit by the second swing, the attack itself has already finished. I found this works a lot better when using the alt overhead into a backswing. Doesn’t always happen though because of the turnspeed limitations.

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