Cant select messer

  • Hi,

    have bought both elite skins, they working fine, but i cant select the new weapons. Tried to select, then exit and enter the game, but no success.

    Can sb help me please?



  • You see the weapon on the customization screen though?

  • Hi

    yes, i can highlight them but when it comes to the game, nothing happens

  • So when you select the weapon in-game, you see the normal one? Do other people see the same thing on you?

  • Yes, the normal one. When i select the new weapon, it appears in the knights hand, selecting join game, i can see only the default weapons.

    In the customization menue i choose dreadnaught or inquisitor, choosing far right the weapon symbol of the knight, then messer and butcher messer (i see that arrow) and go back without hitting the x

  • weapon skins dont work in modded servers, from my experience (ie. chiv+, giants, etc. you know what mods are)

    could that be the issue?

  • Make sure that you’re customizing the appropriate version of your character. FFA is different from Mason and Agatha​.

  • Hi

    FAA, what does this mean? (sorry)

    Would you be so kind to show me then where is my fault in selecting the new weapons?

    Thank you

  • The shields on the left hand side of the customization screen let you choose the faction for which you are editing your character. Mason, Agatha, and FFA (free for all, also used in duel mode, bugs notwithstanding).

    So naturally if you only edit your Mason character but you play a game and choose the Agatha team, you will not see anything special. You’ll need to select the messer for each faction if you want it to show up no matter what. See attached pictures for reference.

  • Hi Dudeface,

    sorry for the delay, but was buisy.

    Thank you very much. I will follow your steps.#



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