Server crashing when player joins

  • Hi! It’s 4am here, and I’m not a native english speaker, so excuse me if my english isn’t good enough :)

    I have installed the dedicated server steam app, configured all the needed things (ports open on router, edited ini files according to the docs, etc.). My server runs, and I can join and play perfectly from the same machine via “open xxxx” command (didn’t try to make it visible on the servers list, as I’m not interested on that).

    But as soon as my girlfriend joins from her notebook (also with “open xxxx” command), the server crashes with a “UDKGame.exe stopped working” message.

    Is this a known problem? What should I try?
    I have already verified game files in both machines, uninstalled and reinstalled the games, tried all the compatibility modes for the exe files, also the “run as administrator” setting, tampered with many of the ini settings and command line parameters, and restored them to backupped ini files. I have also tried running the server with UDK.exe on both 32bits and 64bits binaries, and UDKGame.exe from 32bits binaries.
    I don’t know what else to try. I have been fighting against this issue since 5 hours ago :/

    I’m running the game (and server) in a windows 8 machine, and she is connecting from a windows 7 machine, both 64 bits. What other info can I post to be able to find the origin of the problem?

    Hope to be able to solve it soon, because we have organized a lan party for tomorrow just to play this game (I have bought 4 copies for my friends, because of the special sale on steam). My notebook is the faster machine, so it should be the server, but this is preventing me to do so.

    Finally, using a rented server isn’t an option. We are in Argentina, with not so good internet connections and too high ping. “Third world problems” ;)

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Update! Today I tried changing three things, and after those changes, it worked. I’m not planning to try each change by its own, because we are about to start the lan party, so I have no time right now. But if someone needs me to do it, ask me and I’ll gladly post the results. The things I changed are:

    • I was starting the server with the AOCFFA-Arena3_P map, now I’m starting it with AOCTO-Battlegrounds_v3_.
    • I deactivated the bEnableSteam setting in PCServer-UDKEngine.ini
    • I removed the ?steamsockets parameter from the server start command

    I’m so happy, we really wanted to play it today :)

  • @U.F.O.:

    Yes, I saw that thread and I tried changing the steam settings based on that. But just for the record, what happened to him is a totally different problem than mine. More specifically:

    • He had problems with steam sockets. In my case, I was able to connect and play with steam sockets enabled (from my machine), they worked here.
    • He wasn’t able to connect at all to his server, I was able from my machine but not from others.
    • He was receiving error messages on the game (client). I wasn’t receiving any error messages on the client at all.
    • His server kept running while he wasn’t able to connect. My server crashed, the app stopped with a windows error message (I even got a blue screen one of the times), and had to re-start it.

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