A few questions about melee combat

  • Hey everybody! I managed to snag a beta key yesterday, and I’ve been having loads of fun so far and have already placed my pre-order. I’m just a little confused about a few mechanics and I need some advice on how to handle them. Firstly, I love playing knight with the maul, but it seems as though if I get hit mid-swing (typically by faster weapons) it stops my attack from completing. I would be fine with this mechanic normally, but when I play MAA I can’t seem to make it happen for me. I dodge/block an attack, dash in and attack, but wind up just trading even though I hit them in the head with an overhand/slash well before their swing finished. Am I doing something wrong?

    Another thing is that when I play knight/vanguard I often find that MAA/archer purposefully get themselves as close to me as possible and spam me to interrupt attacks. This would be fine, except that I spend the remainder of my life swivelling around trying to find them, but I can never manage to get away (since they’re faster) or parry because I can only see half of their character model at any time (and I can only assume the other half is inside of mine). If this happened rarely I would just chalk it up to player skill, but I highly doubt half the sub-rank 5 MAA/archers in the game can perfectly predict how I’m going to spin/move in order to keep themselves entirely at my side in order to avoid any damage.

    Any tips on these two? Thanks!

  • F to kick. Try playing a knight with a onehanded weapon until you have a better feel for the game. Watch some video guides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TevnvCS85z0

    Flinch only happens if you hit during windup, not in the middle of the swing.

  • Thanks! I watched the videos, but I have been kind of neglecting my ‘f’ key. Also, is there a way to change the keybind for console? It interrupts my sentences so often.

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