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  • This isn’t supposed to mirror Turd’s poll on the most recent patch in its entirety, this is specifically about the new camera and new animations. I hated them from the start and it seems like a few people are coming to this conclusion as well. I think it’d be great for everyone who votes to post their reasoning in a comment as well, so it comes off as less whiny. I guess I could start. For me, the camera completely distorts range. Many have said that the hitbox appears to be in front of the camera, and this makes sense given what I’ve seen in game. Sometimes you try to leanback/matrix an incoming attack and it just barely hits you, even though it looks like it missed you by inches. I never had this issue before. Plenty of times I stab someone just barely in range and they don’t even bother parrying, because the attack looks out of range on their end. This frequently happens to me as well. That aside, it just feels unnecessary. This isn’t a controversial change like reducing the bubble where players were annoyed and wanted something changed, and the change is now being brought into question, this is a change NO ONE asked for. If the camera actually helped with anything it might be different, but I don’t feel like it does. Weird drags like “waterfalls” and certain stab mixups with SoW, gr8sword, etc. that are designed to look weird and retarded on your opponent’s end still look weird and retarded, facehugging is still facehugging, and feints are no more readable (IMO). I’ve experimented with tons of fov’s and these issues still persist. And as for the animations, well, some of them do look nice. 2h sword ones I’ve gotten used to but when I go back and watch old videos pre this patch, they look bad in comparison. Most of the other ones aren’t improvements imo, just different.

  • This is all first person stuff too. So if TBS just includes an option to change between a classic and tactical camera and animations then everybody wins.

  • Yes, but a dev said in-game that was going to be “impossible.” I’m not a programmer but I suspect that just means “unwilling to do so” but, yes, that’d be best of course.

  • Revert other animations expect knight axes. Them anims are sexy.
    I agree with Karasu about the option to toggle between the cameras.

  • Sounds like they’re probably too lazy to include the option if they’re too lazy to even elaborate on that. With that, I voted to go back to the old camera and to keep every animations other than the 2h swords.

  • I love the new animations for the most part. But I don’t like the 2h sword animations. They’re ugly.

    I’m impartial to the camera. I don’t really care whether it stays or whether it goes.

  • PLEASE old camera and 2 handed sword animations, but keep all the other new animations.

  • As far as the new camera and animations go, they don’t bother me, I got used to them pretty quickly. I don’t think they are any better or worse than the old, just different. So I guess to save messing around and relearning yet again…maybe just keep what we have now. Minor changes could be made if people think this is needed, but tbh I use longsword, and I don’t really notice the new animations. Maybe it’s just me.

  • The new camera is a huge problem. I’ll quote kywild on this one.

    One thing I’ve noticed though recently is that tracers hit way before animation. No I am not talking about handle hits. I mean that the tracers are litteraly way ahead of the animation. I made a mod that pauses the flow of the game the second an attack connects, and what I saw was scary. With lookdown overheads the maul hit before the handle even connected and the weapon itself was pointing straight up into the air. It was the same with most other weapons and attacks, always hit a bit before the model actually colides with the player. If they fixed that, feinting would also be alot more managable.

  • We’ve had bad tracers forever lol, is it the animations or the tracers.

  • Either revert the camera and animation changes altogether, or give us the option to use the old ones, please!
    With the new camera, you often get hit by strikes that aren’t close to being outside your FoV. I might be talking outta my ass here, but with the old camera, any strike taken from first person perspective (subject to positional lag) went past the camera and therefore outside your FoV, which was excellent indication of distance.

    Also, like I said in some other thread, all attacks, especially OH attacks, seem to connect with the bottom of the blade at any distance. Just try to OH attack a wall as far away from it as you can, and then when hugging it. It looks ridiculous. This also causes situations that seem off. I hit people that I don’t even think I’m close to hitting, both enemies and teammates.

  • This post is deleted!

  • First off, the camera issue can be resolved by adjusting your FoV. Second, most of the animations changes were only 1p animations, apart from some tweaks with the LS, double axe, and 1h’s (I believe); all of which were based on player feedback from the beta. So I think most of it is mental.

  • First off, I don’t think it can. And I don’t wanna play at a low fov. Looks horrible in motion.
    Second, I know that. I and many other players still dislike them.

    Still, there is absolutely no reason for the old camera and first person animations not to be optional.

  • I think it would be interesting to hear what fov people are playing at, I play at 110, (before and after the patch) and I haven’t really encountered these issues. I understand that many of you play at 120+ fov.

  • i play at fov 140 and while i dont have range issues, i simply dislike the sword animations and would like to have the old ones back

  • @gndo:

    I think it would be interesting to hear what fov people are playing at, I play at 110, (before and after the patch) and I haven’t really encountered these issues. I understand that many of you play at 120+ fov.

    I still believe the normal max 120 is the most common fov.

  • I like the camera and the animations don’t bother me at all.

  • @dudeface:

    I like the camera and the animations don’t bother me at all.

    What class are you playing?

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