[WIP] - The Red Wedding

  • Hello Everyone!
    I’ve been working on this map for some time now, and I thought I should create a post here to share my work.
    For those Game of Thrones fans out there, this environment will look all too familiar. I added some side passages and vertical elements to make it a more playable space. I’m in the process of adjusting lighting, adding props, and setting spawn points.

    Some Pictures:

    I’ll be adding this map to the workshop soon. Any feedback or comments are always welcome!

  • It looks great!

  • More than great, it looks fan-freaking-awesome :D

    I think I would be paranoid on the lower area’s because …well, you know why :P

  • Thanks! The lower area is especially deadly, with the intertwined spawn points and all.

  • Lol at the idiot who adds this to his map-rotation with archer limit.

    Map looks great. May I suggest adding some mead barrels?

  • Will the masons be sending their regards?

  • Some mead barrels have been placed, but I plan on adding plenty more. Malric sends his regards.

  • Updates!

    I’ve added a ton of props, fixed lighting, and The Rains of Castamere plays at the beginning of every round.

    “Her brothers gave her a pair of wolf pelts for her wedding.” -Walder Frey

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