[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Insurrection [Tentatively]

  • Backstory
    [All Titles are tentative]

    The Agathian Prison, Baylen’s Keep, is a lone mountain formation on a small island several hundreds of leagues from any semblance of civilization.

    It is a harsh place, of cold climate and deadly terrain, where stands Vex Peak, named quite aptly, as anyone who has ever set foot near it will tell you.

    The Agathians have built a Mine within Vex Peak after its very specific yield of natural resources was discovered, but once the laborers began to refuse the working conditions, the Agathians turned it into a Labor Camp for the most heinous degenerates to rot away their years while still being of some service.
    Baylen’s Keep is also used as a midway harbor to store goods that must be shipped elsewhere, but many seafarers would prefer a month or two on sea as opposed to a night at Vex Keep.

    As a consequence of its unwelcoming geography and extremely intimidating surroundings, the Mountain is also used as a refuge for Political Prisoners and Individuals of Interest, who often spend several years in luxury here, under the King’s Protection, to make sure no threat comes to them. To this end, the slaves are also forced to work toward the construction of lavish interior spaces for these Individuals of Value to the King.
    6 Mason Generals have been captured and brought to Vex Keep to rot in the Central Cell for what remains of their miserable lives… but they’ve come with a plan.

    A bit of concept art to show you just how treacherous the peak looks from the outside.

    The first Top-Down sketch of the level

    A more detailed version of the Top-Down

    Production is now in full-force and we’ll have some in-game screens soon!

    Objectives (Mason):

    _1. Begin the Insurrection:_a. Break the Prison doors
    b. Escape the Prison
    _2. Incite the Rebellion / Bring Down the House:_a. Find your way into the Prison Keep
    b. Locate the valuable goods and supplies kept here
    c. Destroy it all
    d. Force the Agathians to abandon the Mountain
    _3. Destroy the Oppressors_a. Locate the King’s Protected (Agatha MVP),
    an Agathian Asset taking refuge at Vex Peak
    b. Kill his guards
    c. Kill the King’s Protected

    Objectives (Agatha):

    _1. Halt the Insurgents_a. Hold the Prison Doors
    b. Kill the Insurgents
    _2. Hold the Fort_a. Protect the sea-bound goods
    b. Crush the rebellion
    _3. The Greater Good_a. Defend the King’s Protected (Agatha MVP) at all costs
    b. Guide him to the shipyard
    c. Escape

    Key Ideas

    1. Create a map with some semblance of symmetry
    2. Create a map that has backstory that could clearly tie into the existing literature of Chivalry
    3. Try to make level elements that could evolve over the course of playa. By adding more Pathways (not just one extra gateway)
    b. By blocking existing Pathways (not just forward spawning)
    c. By changing the level visually
    4. The Map needs to be quick-paced and adaptable to several game modes
    5. Add something to make the levels feel a bit different every time you play
    6. Play around with the existing paradigm of game objectives to make something unique
    7. Added dynamism with an Escort Objective to give Defenders more active gameplay

    Other Absurdities/Details:**

    1. Spawn not on an extremity of the map, but in the middle, with the final objectives being on the extremities.
    2. Make level traversal evolve over the course of the game, for example:a. Mason completes an objective in X area
    b. Due to the objective the area slightly changes (fires, hidden paths, etc.)
    c. Agatha must traverse the same area for their objective Y
    d. Area looks different or must be traversed differently
    3. Moving mine carts to travel in. This is a weirder idea and we don’t know what to do with it just yet, but here’s to hoping we find a way to use them soon.

    About Us:

    Finally, a bit about the makers of this map.
    We’re 3 members in the team, all students (2 of Game Design and 1 of Game Art).
    This contest is, we feel, the perfect opportunity to flex our collective muscles in an actual game without having to worry (too much) about asset production and all that extra pipeline noise, especially given the challenge of creating something fun and playable in an already rich universe.

  • I am not sure exactly how the tunnel part in the middle ties in with your objectives, but I think it would be cool if on the attackers side there was only one entrance that was really large. Then, as you got deeper into the tunnel it split into two, which each split into another 2.

    You could also do this with 2 large openings at the attackers side which then both split into 2 exits, depending on how much you want to split up the action.

    I think this could be cool because it gives the defenders the opportunity to hold one large choke point, but if they get pushed back their forces will be split into two groups, and then into four groups. It would promote teamwork and holding a highly defensible position and I think that is important in a map.

    Of course you could also have a separate smaller tunnel on the side or something.

    You already have the sort of thing im saying going on in the middle tunnel, where it starts wide and splits into two smaller ones. I think you should exaggerate it more though, because it would be impossible to defend 4 tunnels and 5 exits. The attackers would simply pick one tunnel and all rush it and push through with ease.

    But maybe you have thought about this already and chose a different route for your own reasons!

    Any way good luck! Looks like fun!

  • Hi, I am part of this map’s team.

    Firstly, if I understood properly, you are talking about the chokes between the 2 central big rooms. These are not actually tunnels, but bridges over a bottomless pit, connecting two structures inside the mountain. Which means, players can see other players on other bridges and can also shoot from the forward room.

    About splitting the bridges into several different exits, it is an interesting idea that we will test out for sure (We just managed to have a working build). But we have to keep in mind that the Agatha is supposed to use the exact same bridges in the other direction when escorting their VIP outside, so it should work in both ways. As of now, they are just 3 parallel paths.

    In the backstory, they are also supposed to be used to bring goods that arrive from the docks to the VIP quarters.

    That’s how it looks. Of course both the rooms will be enclosed later on.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

  • Hello there,

    Since the map has been uploaded to the workshop, i’d like to talk a bit about the level design of the map.
    You can find the map here.: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=254233343



    We wanted to have a map featuring different moods depending on the area while having coherence and telling a story.
    Another thing we wanted was to avoid too much forward spawning by placing the starting area in the center of the map and having other objectives radiate from there.
    Gameplay-wise, we wanted to differ a little from the objectives featured in already existing map (welp, we didn’t hear about Coldfront before its release) and aim towards a fast pace with choke points and open areas alternating. We wanted to give a more interesting role to the defending team than just “prevent the attacking team to attack”.
    Finally, we wanted minecarts that would make the characters go explodie. This is something we would like to explore further on later versions of the map (Player activated minecarts?).
    Alright, let’s move on to the Objectives of Insurrection.

    Objectives Overview

    The Mason team has managed to infiltrate a high security prison of the Agatha, handled by their King himself. Starting in the cells, the Mason order will have to manage to escape the prison area before wreaking havoc on the King’s lobby. Once enough damage has been dealt to the goods, the King will be forced out and the Agatha will have to cover his escape towards the docks, where they will board a ship and abandon the Island.


    1. Prison Break: Destroy the prison’s door
    2. Mayhem: Break high-value pots and burn Agatha banners
    3. Assassination: Murder the Agathian King before he reaches his ship


    1. Prison Break: Defend the door
    2. Mayhem: Stop the Mason Order from causing chaos in the King’s lobby
    3. Escort: Protect the King while he’s trying to escape the island by ship

    Note that the third objective is divided in three phases regarding the spawning.

    _Overview of the map

    _Objective details: Prison Break

    The first objective stages the Mason Order trapped in their cells, but having initiated a coup to capture the island. They are trying to break free from the prison area in order to reach the King on his balcony. The Agathians get alerted and have to repress the Insurrection.
    During this objective, Agatha has an advantage over the Mason Order mostly through high-ground and choosing the style and time of engagement, this is particularly important to us as a means of giving the teams the opportunity to decide roles for each other based on what they play and how they prefer to play it.
    On the other hand, once an Agatha player goes inside the prison to fight, he’ll find himself trapped with the Mason Order which often leads to a painful death.
    Even though the Agatha has the high ground advantage, it is very hard to prevent the Mason to hit the door once before dying and therefore it is more a matter of time rather than actually stopping them completely there.
    Once the door is broken, the Mason are finally free to roam the Prison Area and to start moving towards the lobby.The Prison Area has a grim atmosphere, with dark shadows and wooden textures. The bridges further inward often lead to very interesting fights and deadly falls, all part of trying to add some more chaos to the usual gameplay.
    Below the bridges are mine carts that roll by on tracks, giving the player a vision of the overall purpose of the mountain and the Agathian Mining Base inside it. A player can use these minecarts as quick, risky and deadly transportation from one side of the internal cavern to the other, but be wary that taking a head-on collision with the (rather well-built) mine cart will make you “explode into a bajillion pieces”. Below the tracks and platforms is a view into the dark and treacherous mine that lies below (something we aspire to create a different map or potentially a new area out of).

    The main prison area

    _Objective details: Mayhem

    The second objective features the Mason finally able to unleash their fury in the rich quarters of the Agathian jailers. Their goal will be to create enough chaos to force the King himself to try to flee the island and in doing so, surrender it to the Mason Order, effectively giving up an important strategic location in the ongoing battle.

    During this objective, the Agatha team spawns inside the lobby room itself while the Mason starts from the Prison Area ground floor (see picture of the Prison Area). Therefore, most of the combat takes place on the three bridges and not in this room.
    Destroying Pots requires several hits from characters (They have 300 HP) while burning a banner requires to throw only one torch at them, but taking your eyes off your enemy usually has fatal consequences.
    The objective requires 10 banners burned/pots destroyed, whichever you prefer and in whatever denomination you like. Both count towards the objective, so a combination of both (5 banners + 5 pots/ 6+4 / 3+7) complete it.
    Given how the spawn points are located, there are two potential points of engagement, the bridges and the lobby itself. On the Bridges, the Mason and the Agatha are on equal footing, treacherous drops and fatal mine cart hits being problems both sides must face. Once the Mason Order is able to push past the bridge, they reach the Lobby.

    The Lobby room itself is open and easily maneuverable, in contrast to the extreme care needed to get past the bridges. Here, the Agathians need to rely on the fact that Mason are trying to break stuff / throw torches to catch them off-guard. The Agatha spawns are of course closer, but the Mason Order respawn faster.

    The room was designed to showcase a heavy visual and architectural contrast to the rest of the map. This room feels much warmer and cozier (also better lit) than the Prison Area. It is supposed to be the lobby to the personal quarters of the jailers and the King’s Balcony where he sits his ass on a throne and enjoys his decadence. To add a bit to the lore, we’ve also added two tables, which we envision to be the seats of two of the King’s advisors (not on location at this time), with distinct roles and personalities that one could surmise from the way their tables are arranged.
    The Agatha spawns are actually located in the kitchen and reserves of the Island, placed on the parallel walls of the room.

    Objective Details: Escort / Assassination

    This objective is the core of the map. Once enough chaos has been made in the mountain by the Mason Order, the Agatha will decide to abandon it, choosing life over strategic positioning.
    This means that the King springs into action on his balcony, ready for battle, and must reach his ship in the Docks, on the opposite side of the map.
    The escort is divided into three phases: the Lobby (now mostly filled with burning banners, broken pots and crushed men), the Prison Area and the Dockyard. When the King enters one of those areas, the spawns for both teams are shifted further towards the docks, making sure less time is spent running in any general direction and more time is spent in action.
    Note that the doors leading outside open as soon as the King appears, allowing access to the Outdoor section of the map.

    The balcony depicts quite a hard and lonesome King. He is sitting on his throne outside only accompanied by some braziers. Although, he has a nice view of the surrounding mountains.
    On his way out, the King will be able to eat Apples in order to regenerate small amounts of his lost health. This gives the Agatha a motivation to keep pushing forward instead of turtling on the balcony until the end of time, which is also a viable strategy.

    The third phase of the objective happens in the snowy dockyards in front of the fortress. This is another open area with two main choke-points: The fortress’ entrance and the docks’ entrance.
    The Mason spawn on the sides of the valley, a little higher than the middle area, which give them a clear vision of their target and allow them for a final charge in order to try and stop the King from reaching his ship.
    On the other hand, they could try and regroup on the docks to form a final rampart.

    On the visual aspect, we decided on a cold, snowy atmosphere for two reasons. It provided n interesting visual difficulty to navigation within the level that synergized well with having to find and kill someone who was actively trying to evade you and secondly, it wasn’t really being exploited in Chivalry as much as it could be (why thank you, Coldfront). It had to represent the bleak, uninviting nature of the high-security prison from which no-one escapes and at the same time offer an interesting layout for the last few minutes of the game.
    The docks are very narrow, with players having to try to not get pushed out into the icy water that would kill them. This is also valid for the King himself, dodging arrows, killing rebels and hopefully making his way onto the ship before he is mowed down in an insurrection that would be sang about for ages, regardless the outcome.
    I also heard there might be a cow hidden somewhere in the snow…

    New Elements


    For now, we have two tracks with minecarts rolling. They are automated and explode any character on their path. Although, players can jump onto them to have free transportation, in a sort of Holy-Grail-Meets-Mirror’s-Edge moment of zeal.
    We plan on having more of them around the level to compensate for the slower areas and to have some that would be player activated (Chopping heads while riding a minecart anyone?)


    The Apples can only be used by the King to regain 50 hp.
    We needed something to push the Agatha to move towards the dockyard other than the obvious threat of being cornered. This is because we couldn’t find a way to make the Mason Order win when the timer is depleted and decrease the total timer when completing objectives while having the timer reverse when Agatha starts their own objective (Think Agatha filling up a hourglass that is used only for the escort).

    So yeah, Apple baskets.

  • It remins me my map Mason prison ^^


    This one looks cool with some alternative gameplay.

  • We’ve always been quite enamored with the Prison setting and thought it would make a great addition to the existing settings of Chivalry. It’s cool to see you’ve also had the same idea at some point :D

  • apples op pls nerf

    Lookin forward to playing this once round 1 is over.

  • Yeah we pushed the heal value to 125 on the first round so people could actually feel the interest of apples.

    Needs some tweaking after the playtesting.

    How OP was it?

  • Ahah ! A king who eats apples . A real king eat meat with gold and some overpriced spices.

  • Oh I haven’t even played the map yet. Disregard the ___ op pls nerf.

  • Dayum, that doesn’t surprise me anymore when I read xyz op pls nerf. I need to quit the internet.

    A real king might not eat apples, but then a real king would not try to abandon his island by fleeing to his ship, I guess. Also, they are probably these kind of apples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_apple#Norse_mythology (They just painted them red to fool the regular soldiers).

    But then you gave us the idea of replacing them with gigantic tankards, inebriating the King every time he uses them. The objective would become “Carry your king to his ship before he pukes on the carpet”. Or we could replace the apples with roasting pigs.

  • +1 Giant Tankards. Will consider for round 2.

  • Yes Tankards ! It would be funny if he become drunk.

  • Aggregated feedback from the development team. If you have questions, or need clarification, please
    keep it in this thread. I will not be answering private messages. Remember, this is only Round 1,
    and nobody is out it at all.
    General Map Feedback**

    • Very Cramped in the initial spawns
    • Unclear Objective Context
    • Think about flow of the level, and how you can give players more than one way to do a thing.
    • Theme is very cool, just need to develop the playspace and gameplay elements.


    • Not clear what is going on here. Why are we smashing a door in the center of the room?
    • If it is a prison, give it more developed prison-like play space inside. A big empty room is underwhelming.
    • Spawns are way too close to the objective, with no designed play space in between.
    • Defending team is untouchable from the bridge while attackers are breaking the door.
    • Consider a larger prison, with different ways out.


    • Need more cover. 3 long skinny bridges with no cover = Arrow Fodder.
    • Killer Mine Carts need work. Too small to even look close to lethal. Add some pointy things if they are going to kill, or making them bigger and use a dynamic physics volume to push players off. It also feels like a trick path at the moment.
    • Defenders spawn way to close to the objective.
    • Develop the space here more. It is just circular room with objectives at the moment.


    • Is the open throne intentional. Regardless, carry that. It is a really cool idea.
    • That said, the space is tiny and empty.
    • There is only one entrance to the king area.

  • Map: Insurrection

    Visual: Dark orangey colors ruled most of the objectives. Personally my eyes did not enjoy the colors untill the last objective.

    Balance [Defense]: Offense seems to have the easier time all around. Especially on the last objective; Mason spawns almost right ontop of the king.

    Bug: Got stuck behind the doors when they opened (screenshot). The progress bar is opposite (starts full goes to empty) with the first objective.


    Opinion: The map in my opinion seemed to be all over the place. Masons break down a door and then proceeds to run to the next objective in the other direction. Mason had to ‘cause Mayhem’ for who knows why.

  • My opinion;
    -Something needs to happen with the last objective, the king spawns all by himself with a team of masons right below after breaking the pots

  • What is the map name of this? Want to add it on my server.

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