Oscar Pistorius

  • Does he have a leg to stand on here? Pffffhuehuehue.

    Did he do it deliberately, or didnt he? What do you think.

    Curious to what people reckon, if they’ve been reading anything about the case at all in the papers and care enough to have an opinion at all.

  • He shot her while she trembled in fear for her life through the door she wouldn’t open. I can’t imagine anyone would think other.

  • In South Africa many are taught to shoot first and ask questions later. South Africa has the largest wealth gap in the world. Its on par with 18th century England. Crime is rampant. House raids are all too common as are car hijacks. Drive with your doors locked in South Africa and try to avoid lights. People will rob you of your car while you are in it sitting at a red light in heavy traffic in broad daylight. Everyone I know from South Africa has been robbed or someone attempted to rob them. Though for one family I know the robbers screwed up. They got hijacked on the street and the guy who stole the car crashed and hospitalised himself 100 metres down the road. And when their house got broken into their TV got stolen. Problem was the back panel where all the cables went into got ripped off the back of the TV and all the cables still plugged into the back panel were left behind. So the thieves stole a broken TV it was accidental vandalism more than anything. And that’s all the thieves took. The prior severe racial discrimination has taken its toll on the country.

    Though grabbing a gun and firing 4 shots into the bathroom before checking if your wife is in bed next to you is sorta silly. He got his priorities all wrong. Its all over the news here. Nothing happens in New Zealand. If the royals aren’t visiting and there’s no murders Or similar in other parts of the world our news is literally about someone’s cat or something.

  • CORRECTION: I can’t imagine anyone sane would think otherwise.

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