Vanguards still warping during greatsword charge

  • I suppose due to the fact that they stated it has been fixed nobody has actually addressed this yet but I am quite sure that vanguards are still warping two or three meter forward during their charge. I’ve indeed learned to expect that and parry early even though my senses tell me they should not reach me.

    The problem is that when I’ve been using the charge I’ve noticed that it is somehow inconsistent and although I would jump approximately from the same distance I would sometimes land too short and other times behind my target making the charge even harder to utilize. What I’ve also noticed that some individuals (those that don’t just blindly charge into teammates but try to use the charge as a part of their tactics) manage to always charge the maximum distance possibly by some technique.

  • And it’s always sword sprint attacks.

  • Yeah I’ve noticed the charge attack breaking more and more often now. Wonder what happened since they seemed fine after TBS last “fixed” them.

  • Just remove the damn thing…

  • Not just the greatsword, but they hit warp speed with all the sword charges and hit you way before their weapon has swung. Much like how the polearm charges used to hit you way before their thrust animation had played.

    I do prefer this to the alternative we once had though. At least we aren’t seeing flying Vanguards anymore, but this warp speed charge is getting on my nerves.

  • What about that overhead charge attack idea, I think it would be nice give it a try on the beta =)

  • Yep, I’ve definitely noticed it. At first thought it was my problem because I’m older than most players - the animation distortions aren’t a good thing for anyone but at least it’s not symptoms of early alzheimers for me.

  • @Vesanus:

    Just remove the damn thing…

    Remove MaA doge while you’re at it.

  • @Userper:

    Remove MaA doge while you’re at it.

    Sorry about that, but yeah why not.

  • At least it is better than the “Charge attacks on ice” bug we had a while ago.

  • @Vesanus:

    Sorry about that, but yeah why not.

    No, you got the joke.

  • Why they can’t replace animated charge attacks with an extra-powerful first swing out of sprint, I have no idea. This way you could do a sprint stab, sprint swing or sprint overhead, depending on the situation, and it wouldn’t fling you forward in a locked animation.

  • Vanguard charge is like HWS. It’s anti-fun. If you don’t remove it, then make it flinchable.

  • Also make it not stun people. It’s fucking retarded.

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