HiveGamer.Com Chivalry 1vs1 Opening Season. Signup Now!!

  • We’re pleased to announce the opening of our official 1vs1 season. Brackets A and B are now open for signups. The first event is scheduled to take place on April 26th 8PM EST

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    Please continue to sign up even if we’re full. We always! need reserves.
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    Hive Gamer KoTH will operate as such.
    We will now have 4 qualifying events and on the 5th we will host KoTH. Every other week we will host (2)- 8 Man brackets at the same time. Brackets (A) and (B) - Both equal in standing. That’s 16 players an event for 4 events for a total of 64 Players/Teams. Once a competitor has qualified he or she will not be eligible to join future qualifying brackets until KoTH. Each week (2) competitors will advance to KoTH. Until we reach 8 qualifying competitors. After we have our (8) competitors we will host a KoTH. KoTH will be a huge entertaining event. Each match will have live stream with professional commentators and in-game referees and more. We are creating a better event room for chat and view during events currently, so it’s not only interesting to the people competing but also spectators alike. Each match of KoTH promises entertaining matches to watch. Followed by live interviews after/doing matches. Followed by a media video of the entire KoTH championship . We will then take a two-week rest period and will rinse and repeat until the end of the season. “length of a season is still being determined” If any of the eight competitors are no-shows / MIA that competitor will be replaced by the player he or she faced in the last qualifying match.


  • @Flippy:


    We are working on getting more events going. However we will always have 1 vs 1 Match/Seasons. Also more people in the community are needed for help.

  • Thanks to all that came out tonight. It was a good event and people had fun :) Signups for the 10th will be posted tomorrow by 12 noon EST.

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