Help with water.

  • Hello!
    I want to have several different water features in my map.

    I need a decent looking waterfall, that can be seen from both sides.
    I need a slow moving creek type of water, like in battlegrounds or stoneshill.
    I need a fast moving river that kills you when you go into it, like the last objective of darkforest.

    I noticed that there is a AOCwatervolume, but I could not find any information about this or how to use it.
    Also, making a water volume shed no light.

    I could just make a flat plane and apply one of the water materials to it. Does that work? I thought materials were static and did not show movement (such as water flow).

    Any help on this subject would be really nice, thanks!

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  • Okay, so still pretty confused on the whole water situation. What exactly is the AOCwatervolume, because I was mistaken, it does not show water as far as I can tell. It seems like it is just a volume that has some special characteristics such as extinguishing fire and kill people upon touching.

    I did create a water volume with the bsp brush though. I just selected the water material I wanted and created the volume, and it created a volume with a flowing water texture on it. However, I could not select the volume and change it to stop collision.

    So yeah, still pretty confused and any help would be appreciated!

  • Okay just figured out how to select the bsp brush with the water material on it. Should have realized I can not turn off collision on a bsp brush. derp. Any way, I am pretty much back to square one and I have no idea how I am supposed to make water.


  • Hi… well… i think is best IM me on steam in 15 mins… if yoh like

  • hey what is your steam ID

  • no idea - search for Massive. Or link through from my wprkshop page (probably simple way of finding out that always alludes me)

  • Not sure if you figured it out or not but water volume makes it act as water such as splashing when you are in it and sounds, you create a kill volume to make him die although he can drown with water volume I think. You will mess with the Nodes in kismet to control water speed. SO, Youtube has all this information, google does as well. I know this because it’s how I learned it and me telling you how is a long story so type in things like, UDK water volume, UDK water How to, things like that.

  • Apply water materials to Static Mesh with all collision set to off.

    There should be some waterfall meshes, and any plane will do for rivers/oceans.

  • Okay thanks you guys for help. I got some basic looking rivers using some static meshes. They work alright. May change them in the future.

    I did not find any waterfall meshes though, so I am not sure what the norm is for waterfalls. I do not think a static mesh with a water texture on it would not look very good, but I could be wrong.

    And yes Bmike, I did use google/youtube for some simple tutorials, but I was mostly curious on how it was implemented in Chivalry.

    Any help in the waterfall department would be great!

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