.inistats file is stuck; Ranking has stopped at 44\. All INFO attached

    1. The top Line in my .inistats file (located in documents) is frozen at 7551300. This makes it somewhat impossible for me to track my current leveling (grinding for gold helm!) I’m now worried that I am being effected by a bug of some sort.

    I notice that a few stats continue to increase, such as specific weapon experience lines and such; but the main line dictates I should be closer to rank 47 or 48; I am instead stuck at rank 44.

    Below are my current .inistats.

    And as a preamble, yes I play on official servers. Yes, I have tested playing on any and all game modes, have verified my chivalry cache multiple times. The top stat has simple stopped increasing.

    Below are my stats


    Any and all help would be highly, highly appreciated.

    A very loyal chiv fan


  • Your exp dictates you should actually be rank 46 right now. Strange how it still updates correctly but yet shows the incorrect rank when you join a game.

    Try renaming your config folder so Chivalry will make a new one.

  • I deleted the .ini file. It remade one, and the numbers changed to reflect rank 45 with 1875 kills remaining until rank 46. However the file is now completely frozen; as in now information changes at all. Might that have something to do with the update released today?

  • How long has it been stuck for this time? If you just get on and play 5 minutes it might not update.

  • Well, regardless it finally started moving again. It shot up to 46 in the middle of the day. And dropped to 45 about 2 hours later. The stats reset to the beginning of 45 in regards to the paste-bin file. The stats are moving again; but I’ve lost the exp that showed I should have been around 46 or so. It’s been a day or so and the exp continues to rise. The exception being on some modded servers.

    It still freezes occasionally, but it tends to update a few hours into playtime and seems correct based on the kills Ive been tracking.

    So I guess it’s fixed, I just wish I knew the rhyme and reason behind all the crazyness here.

  • Don’t rely on the file to always be up to date. Your XP is stored remotely and sometimes the file doesn’t reflect your actual progress.

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