Explosion problems

  • I wonder if anyone can help with this, I am using a Dynamic PhysicsVolume to simulate an explosion like event, I am basically using the same set up as used for the bomb cart on Battlefields.

    It works fine, but only once. I trigger the firing sequence, enabling the volume and turning on Phys_falling . That works fine the once

    I then set back to PHys_interpolating and turn enabled off. However when that sequence is called a seconb time it doesn’t work. nothing happens to any pawns in that volume??

    any ideas?

  • Not sure if I am understanding fully here, but I would try and set a slight delay on the trigger, maybe 0.25sec or something.
    It’s helped me get out of a lot of situations where things aren’t triggering either at all, or more than once ;)

  • Thanks… done all the delay tricks… :-)

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