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    In an effort to reduce the clutter in this section of the forums we ask that members looking for a clan post in this topic! All Clans would be wise to monitor this thread as well to look for recruits.

    Please Include your Country/Region so clans specific to an area will know if you are a possibility. Also things like hours played, rank, class, and play style are nice additions. Furthermore, adding a link to your steam account is a nice touch. -chuck

  • It would be Helpful if people could post where they play I.E. Euro/American/Austrailia and if they played AoC/Alpha/Beta, if they were part of other clans and their roles, generic information. Just so we can then private message people instead of cluttering this forum with replies.

  • No longer looking for a clan. Thank you :3

  • Hello everyone, i’m glad to be here and be able to play this game. I am looking to join a guild/clan/band of i-warriors because from my experience playing online games is better this way. If you are interested in my “references” here goes:
    I have been an active member/ mod/ smod in 2 bitefight comunities for about 2 years. A BHG member in Freelancer Discovery for about 2 months. I play DotA, DotA 2 with a group of friends. My favorite games are: Fallout 1+2 (honorable mention New Vegas and Fallout 3), Gothic 1+2, Morrowind > Skyrim>Oblivion.
    I await your messages kind sirs.

    Edit: As of now i am an Immortal Academy Recruit. Death Before Dishonour!

  • Sup guys, IM looking for a clan
    I have a mic skype, vent, teamspeak ect
    Into tactical play ect

    skype indoom1

  • Looking for a clan.

    Here’s what I can do for you:

    Play semi-regularly, as my schedule allows, with some amount of skill
    Donate substantially (and regularly) to mitigate server costs
    Provide top-notch server administration, to include customized tools that will enhance ease of administration (via server-side scripting/log parsing)
    Promote enjoyable in-game environment. Some of you may recall me from AoC.

    Here’s what I require from you:

    Leaders who value Leadership. I expect Clan Leaders to perform their duties in a mature, fair, and non-petty way. Slow to anger, quick to intervene when the quality of the gaming experience decreases.
    Opportunities to improve the community. In return for healthy and recurring donations, I require access to server logs so that I can work on my Admin scripts/tools.
    Admin privileges. My gaming experience is very important to me, so when someone gets out of line, I like to have the ability to do something about it. See my creds below.
    Flexibility. I can’t always make it to clan events, because I work/travel, etc. Generally, the sum of my other contributions should make up for this.

    My credentials:

    I started playing AoC about 5 years ago, and have played with most of you. I contributed monetarily to Medieval Mayhem (||MM||) while a member of that clan, and admin’d during that period of several years, until DirtyJob left. I can’t think of one real complaint or accusation against me as an admin. As a player I’m sure some found me entertaining, perhaps some didn’t, but it certainly can’t be said that I am boring.

    Feel free to PM me if you are interested in discussing where you’d like your guild to be in the future, and how I can help get you there.

  • Looking to hook up with some peeps today on teamspeak. PM me your ts3 info!

  • I guess I want to get into the clan based aspect of this game so here goes - pretty newbie but will be somewhat active, as school/other online activities permit:

    Location: England
    Age: 14
    Previous Experience: Nothing relating to Chivalry, but into Mount and Blade and it’s clan systems.

    If there’s any more info you want, just give me a shout.

  • i would like to join clan NA i have ts3 and mic

  • Looking for an active guild. Pretty casual player, but a lot of experience with this kinda game and games in general. Steam name is Haywill

  • 'ello,

    I am looking for a group of individuals to play with.

    Age: 19
    Location: East Coast USA
    Availability: Several hours per day.
    Class: Knight/Man-at-Arms
    Playstyle: Secrecy and flanking are my strong points. I make a habit of popping up behind a group of enemies and causing major damage.

    Group preferences:
    - 18+ y.o. would be great. Not that I have anything against younger players, but I do have a bad history with them. Would rather avoid drama.
    - Must have some form of communication. If needed, we may use my Teamspeak server.
    - Actually plays as a group and not the “Oh, I’ll add you to the clan, but we never actually do anything together.” type deals.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  • 'Ello there. I’m just looking for a casual Chivalry clan, for duels and combat practice and whatnot. I’m not the best player out there, but I can parry/feint/not do anything stupid. I have 95 hours in Chivalry so far, and I like the Vanguard class the most. I don’t have many games on steam besides some things like M&B, TF2, AoC, Tribes, and a couple other things. I incredibly enjoy duels, and fair fights. I would always much rather die to my opponent than have my teammate run in and kill him. Chivalry’s combat features really interest me, but with real time I don’t usually have much time to try. I would also prefer a smaller clan.



  • Hi Folks,

    I’m looking for a European clan playing Chivalry and War of the Roses.
    I prefer to play tactical, no dumb slashing…
    Got Teamspeak or skype

  • Looking for a clan. Play in the evenings EST in North America. Skilled spearman. Love organized play.

    thekdawg21 - Steam

  • Hey,

    As you already know I’m looking for some people to play with, either guild scrims or just some pub stompin.
    I pretty much no life video games, 8-12 hours a day/7days a week so I’m down to play almost any time.
    with my 18+ years of “Gaming experience” ;) and competitive play, I’ve acquired some knowledge of what to do and when to do it, what is smart and what will get me killed. You don’t have to worry about me rushing in thinking i can take on 5 guys and dieing in a second, wasting respawn time… you wont need to worry about bad habits and recklessness I’m a team player, just need to learn how the guild functions/your strategies…all that jazz

    p.s; I have skype, TS and willing to download which ever software the guild uses. I should also mention that I live in Canada, BC so, Vancouver servers, Seattle servers, any thing close is good
    (I don’t like having over 100 ping and in a game like this timing really matters.)

    Steam ID- fudman02

  • I don’t want to be a member but I am looking for an exclusive clan with which to start commentating battles for. I think this game could be fun to get into the more competitive side with some fun and hilarious commentaries.

    My background comes from starcraft 2 where I was in the top 2% of players in the US. Also dabbled in streaming and am part of a large multiplatform 2k member clan called TAW can be found at taw.net.

    Any reply would be welcomed, just let me know and I can get into games straight away. :)

  • Hi all, possibly looking for a team to play with. :)

    Name: Steve
    Age: 22
    Location: East Coast USA
    Availability: Several hours per day.
    Previous games: CoD1, CoD2, CS 1.6, CS:S (played these games at a professional level).
    Leagues: ESEA, CAL, CEVO, (Played at CPL twice)

    Looking for a mature team (pref 18+) that is organized and that will be involved with the competitive scene. I have a 32 man server in New York, USA from Nuclear Fallout and a 10 man vent to bring with me. I am new to the Chivalry scene but have plenty of competitive experience in gaming and will make a good fit for any team. Message me for more info if you’d like.

  • Hey guys , I’m looking a very competitive team. I consider myself to be above the average. You can add me on steam: AkaSnake


    Name: Francis
    Age: 18
    Location: East Coast Canada
    Availability: Several hours per day.
    Previous games: League of legends , ask for the rest ( a lot of games ).
    Leagues: NESL

  • Location: East Coast USA
    Availability: Several hours per day.
    Class: Whatever is needed

    I’m looking for a guild that is thinking about being competitive or already competitive. I am a team player and enjoy strategy games.

  • Looking for a active fun oriented guild
    casual player
    has skype, team chat, mumble and the like.

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