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  • I am the most awful noob - just started this game - Need some help to hone skills. like playing in team environment Like to play archer , is unforgiving and im just shit basically melee facerolls me cos i cant block or shoot straight

  • Romanian player with good internet connection. Student at an university so my time is both valuable and its quantity varies accordingly.

    Good with melee classes. Awful with archer class. I have a knack for objectives which is great because I love objective maps the most, on both the side of the attacker and the defender.

    Fluent in English, mediocre in French and somewhat beginner in German so communication should run smoothly.


    EDIT: Btw, i’m on steam, PM me here for name.

    I rank lvl 20 in game.

    I hate archers…

  • Looking for a clan/guild. pretty chill player. id like to be able to talk on skype with people while playing this game it maes it more fun and makes me do better.

  • Hey all,

    As the title reads, I am looking for a clan that is mature and serious in NA. Below I am is what I am looking for and what I have to offer to your organization:

    The ideal clan:

    • Serious and mature. I’d prefer an age restriction of 18+, or at least some kind of control/regulation.
    • Have some kind of structure (chain of command).
    • Be established. I have nothing against new clans/groups, but I really don’t have the time or patience to help a start up. I’d like to have a decent number of active members to practice.

    What I have to offer:

    • Previous clan/leadership. I was part of a large clan and held a high commanding position. I can bring this experience to your organization. However, I don’t have the time to take a position of much responsibility since I have a busy life.
    • I am disciplined, easy to work with and a great understanding of tactics and strategies.
    • I am usually willing to help with other duties, as long as they do not interfere with my rl duties.

    Be advised that I am new to the game, so I will need some time to get up to speed. Please send me a message if you think we match.



  • Looking for a clan. I play this game since beta. I think I’m good. I dont have micro but wants to play in good company.

    Location: Poland.

  • Hello! Looking for a FUN clan to join…I’m not very competitive and tend to swing my long-sword all over the place and hope for the best. That sounds dirty.


  • Hey Everyone I’m looking for a fun clan/guild with funnny and friendly people to play the game… There should be a lot of teamplay and if possible voice-chat. Teamspeak or steam voice-chat or anything else. My Skill is sometimes great sometimes bad its getting better, I play since the Beta :) I’m from Switzerland and I’m 18. Just ad me on Steam if you want to play (Drunk Science) or write me a pn.

    See you soon i hope :D

    -Doevakein/ Drunk Science

  • Ign:xUncleOwenx
    Region:North America
    Experience: Bought the game a week ago, and haven’t played any other game like it (I am pretty much one step above noob. I can duel most people and win)

    I am mainly just looking for a group of dudes that I can casually play with, pub stomp,and get better with. Please pm me if interested :D

  • Hey, I’m just looking for a fun, active clan to just enjoy the game with (I’m in NZ)


    Well then, I confess, it is my intention to commandeer this thread, join up with a clan; then raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.

  • Hey all,

    I play this game fairly regularly and now I’m looking for a clan to play competitively. I’d prefer that you have some sort of screening process so I can prove my worth (if you haven’t encountered me in a match before) I’m able to vent/moogle/teamspeak/skype, I can donate to server costs (if you have a server) and all the rest.

  • Played 60 Hours Rank 25.
    Looking for clan - Chivalry - Eu

    Add me on Steam Nvt6000 if ure recruiting.

    No slashing in tight spots!


    x!We are the Macemen!x

  • Looking for Clan
    -age 22
    -I can play a good amount usually anytime after 5 EST
    -Not amazing but I generally hold my own
    -Willing to learn anything you have to teach me
    -Looking for people who work together
    -In game name is Black Lotus
    -Best class is vanguard and second best i guess would be knight
    -any other questions lemme know


    Knight/vanguard. Looking for a serious team of mature but laid-back individuals.

  • Would like to find some people to play with, located on the west coast of Canada.

    Logged 96 hours so far, early access player. I know the game, currently looking to improve on both sides of a shield. As such, I have most experience with Vanguard then Knight because two handers are awesome, but I am also an average Archer and below-average MaA.

    I have all the main voice-chat programs and have been in competitive environments before (Guild Wars 2 and Halo mainly, but also Chromehounds if anyone knows that game) so I’d like a clan/guild/team/whathaveyou that is serious about strategy, theory-crafting, practice and such. I do work 12 hour shifts, rotating between days and nights every two weeks, so I have more days off than most, but my schedule is always fluctuating as well. That said, my free time is spent getting better at the games I like, so I -am- around a lot.

    In-game I am Kiri, skype is Mar.Arthonath or just pm me your Vent/TS/Mumble info to converse.

  • Hey guys! I’m looking for a clan, I make Youtube videos so I can help share the clan around! :D Reply back to me for more information! :) :D

  • Looking for clan. Casual player with quite a bit of play time. 8-)

  • Im seeking a small group of like-minded individuals to stab people with.

    I go by TheGuyPlaying in game, and usually play as a Knight. Voice communication is a high priority for me, I have both TS3 and Vent. I usually play in the evenings, Pacific Time.

  • Hi, I am searching for a clan, a clan full of mature individuals with skill if possible as well but having a fun time is most important. (everyone develops skill at some point)

    Character Name: Azuree
    Continent: Europe
    Country : Norway
    Age: 23

    Specialisation: #1 Archer - #2 Vanguard -#3 Knight -#4 Man at Arms
    50+ Hours played of Chivalry

    I mostly play archer and only hit allies once or twice every 5th map.
    I also know when to go melee rather than to stay ranged because melee is important and you cannot avoid it.

    Extra info: I have played every mmo to the maximum, huge player of LoL as well and just a huge nerd to gaming.

  • Looking for a mature and organized east coast clan. If there is a canadian clan that would work too.

    If you have your own servers that would be great.

    I work full time but put in a lot of effort and time when I can. I’ve been in TWL tourneys before with lots of other games.

    Main class is an archer with a heavy javelin + sword and shield

    Pm me for more. I have skype, mumble, oovoo, ts and vent


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