Chivalry Deadliest warrior PTB doesn't work.

  • 3 different maps 3 different servers and 3 times its bugged out.

    So the game will start normally. But as soon as the banner is capped once or twice it doesn’t spawn properly. The icon appears on a spawn point but there is no banner there and running over the skulls does nothings so its now 20 minutes of TDM with 125% xp.

    That’s probably why no one is complaining as they get the extra XP and everyone converges on the banner icon. So they still get lots of kills and lots of points.

    Though once the server crashed straight after the voting screen after the game ended. And I had to admin change map on a different server as the server started freaking out and spiking everyone’s ping though I don’t know if that was actually caused by that bug or it was just the server freaking out because it felt like it.

    Also part way through each bugged PTB match in the chat box it will say “challenge a player by attacking them”. It suddenly things its duel mode or something.

    So yeah its completely bugged so it doesn’t work. Though it doesn’t force propel for the server at all they still have fun murdering each other for more points. And yes you do keep your stats in those matches.

    I also like the addition of points for holding the banner in HTB that’s a nice feature and doesn’t mean everyone drops the banner all the time except for the random rank 0 on your team who hasn’t held the banner at all.

    (Cough nerf zwei-dachi windup cough cough).

  • Hey fools. This game mode still bugs out 100% of the time. You can never finish a round of this game type. Haven’t been able to do it since the last DW patch. And that was a loooooooong time ago.

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