Blood stains on armor fade away when regenerating

  • As the title says: when I’m beaten half to death my character looks rather messed up. But when the regeneration takes effect the blood on his armor fades away as well.
    I’d like to suggest to keep your armor bloody until you die. That way everybody can see that you already had some pretty tough fights. I’d really like this to see.

  • I think it makes sense for it to disappear when you’re back to full health. The blood on your armor should be telling your enemy you are hurt and ripe for the picking.

  • I wouldn’t say the enemy needs to know this. The blood on my armor is for me to feel badass ^^

    Actually, it’s like when you lose your helmet. You wouldn’t wear it again when you’re regenerated.

  • This is intentional, it is used as an indicator for others to know roughly how much health you have.

  • Yes, that’s what Secundus supposed earlier. I’d like to start a discussion whether it is reasonable to do so vs. having a cool looking war-torn effect on your skin.

    In Warband I took my bloody red skin with pride as it states to anybody that I’ve had a hell of a fight before and still stand.

    For the enemy knowing how much health you have:
    in melee fighting you have a good chance to quickly die either way so having low health isn’t this interesting for your enemy anyway. You are quite likely to go behind your enemy lines and recover.
    It is however interesting for enemy archers. They will take on injured troops for easy kills. And I really don’t want to encourage archers to be even more successful with their lame, riskless tactics.

  • Having yourself bloody signals everyone to go after you; because all the puny man at arms or archers know you’re going to die.

    If it never disappeared, people would go after you, thinking that they are low, and you rape them.

    Most people stop what they’re doing in a fight and rush the bloodiest one.

  • The blood stains displaying enemy health is important for picking targets in multi-enemy engagements. It would be cool if the blood dripped from your armor as you regenerated, rather than just fading out. Probably a lot of work though.

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