Ping jumps from 30 to 700 every minute for the rest of the game! Please help!

  • I bought Chivalry Medieval Warfare and the Expansion yesterday and since playing it on about 10 different servers all have a common issue: My ping goes from 30 to 500 or 700 making the game basically unplayable, my PC can certainly handle the game and my internet connection should though I did about 20 Ping tests and on average I have 2% packet loss but that shouldn’t be the reason for my huge ping jumps right?

    This is the ping test.

    This is the speed test.

    I think my connection is stable and fast enough to handle this game so why does my ping keep jumping? Here is my DXdiag:

    Thanks for reading, please help me.

  • Thanks for the support in this thread I appreciate it!

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