Server Not Showing in List and cant be accessed by console

  • Hey guys, I have tried making a server lately to play online, but I cannot find the server in the list nor I can join by using the open command, when I use the open command nothing happens. Any Solution?

  • Sounds like the ports aren’t forwarded. Check your modem and own firewall to see if ports are forwarded correctly.

  • I have the same problem and my ports are open, 7777,7778,27015. Also i have made an exception the windows firewall. Are there any codes in the config files that must change? its wierd because i can see my server in the server list but when i join it is stuck on loading for ages. I can join via console and my friends can join sometimes via the console…

  • Try changing the ports to say…a 10 increment to see if it’s not something bugging about.
    Also run the server with UDKLogging.exe and post the log here so we can see what is going on.

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