BETA - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 25 (Barbarian Invasion)

  • Crying about realism when you’ve got a game that borrows weapons, inventions and concepts over a 600 year period?

    Also anyone got a pic of the MaA barbarians? And god dammit why a Norse Sword reskin? I don’t want to go back to that weapon hahah. :)

  • @Rickvs:

    No really, add dinosaurs and cowboys while you’re at it. Destroys the immersion much faster.

    I’m sorry but I don’t even find this remotely debatable. The skins are of worse quality than the normal characters.
    I don’t care what excuses others can give me about historical accuracy; the game is based on “hollywood medieval”, and hollywood medieval times did NOT feature both knights and barbarians at once!

    Torn Banner, what do you even want from us? Tibberius tells us things are going to be done “differently”, but here goes the same shit over again. People created a poll about whether or not we wanted the barbarian skins put into the game the way you have now, and if I recall correctly, at least 3/4th voted against it.
    We don’t care whether or not you’ve made the skins a while ago and were planning barbarians from the beginning; the (majority of the) community simply doesn’t want this into the game.

    Which also bring me to the next subject; the price. Both on these forums and in the beta, people said those prizes were too high. Wasn’t there JUST a poll, a few days ago, about the price of these DLC items? Didn’t most of us agree on the ridiculous prize for such a bundle? And yet, AGAIN, you completely ignore what the community picked.

    I personally hate paid DLC. I always will. And I especially find these barbarian skins just hideous, especially when put in a game like Chivalry. But that’s just opinion and I could live with the fact I don’t get what I want.
    What angers me the most is that you also completely disregard what the majority of the community chose, and it wasn’t immersion-breaking skins.

    Also, just saying, way to split the community again. Over the last couple of months, you’ve released 2 helmet packs, 10 character skins and 4 weapons skins, all for sale. How much paid DLC is that, about 75% of the last few updates? If coming across like nothing but money-hungry jackasses was your goal along, then way to go.

    I don’t necessarily agree with your point about immersion but I completely agree with your point about paid DLC, specially when it is as expensive as this.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Developer


    You running in the beta app?

    Also I’m pretty sure they were taken out of the beta app map rotation themselves so you can only access them through “open <mapname>” via console.</mapname>

    We have a Beta TO server that’s cycling between the two, so they ought to be accessible…

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    We have a Beta TO server that’s cycling between the two, so they ought to be accessible…

    Seeing as I only played the beta yesterday and I haven’t downloaded the new beta app, then this would mean that they should be accessible. Bloody time zones.

  • I can’t wait to be Conan the Barbarian.

  • The Chode Sword.


  • This doesn’t look like a viking sword at all lol, i guess they wanted to do something like the ulfberht…

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    We have a Beta TO server that’s cycling between the two, so they ought to be accessible…

    they are accesible, but we cant vote change to get to them

  • The Beta TO server map rotation is pretty much random. We’ve done Coldfront three times now within one rotation.

  • @Damnitpatrick:

    As a fan of the maul since launch, I’m not a fan of this skin. I know you can’t please everyone, but this skin just looks and feels unfitting after playing around with it in the beta. I wish it was more bluntly and sinister looking. I think you do great work but i see myself skipping this skin. Wishing well of mauls: P.S You have an awesome, great, and amazing game (>’.’)–-[][/QUOTE]

    This is the man to listen to about mauls. He only uses maul.

    Also quality over quantity… make sure all the new barbarian skins can wear all the helms for that class. Some of the new barbs still, even with their legs covered better, do not look up to snuff visually. I’ll go into more detail later what I think needs changing visually

  • Here are some bugs we found so far:

    -The skinned weapons show up both in your hand and on your back at the same time
    -The skinned weapons also dont render correctly when you are about 10 feet away
    -On coldfront there is some missing textures on the agatha spawn
    -On coldfront when the bots spawn in it is announced in the chat, in the first stage there is a TON of chat spam
    -Knight doesnt get norse skin when bought?

  • Well at least they have shirts on. Mostly.

    The barbarians of Barema are upon us.

  • @DokB:

    The Chode Sword.


    Urban dictionary what a chode is, m8.

    But this looks good TB! I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing lol.

  • Tell your art guys to get cooking on a badass gr8sword skin. The thing is almost as popular as it is op and it looks BORING. Just a dull grey blade with dull looking pommel and a dull brown handle.

    similar but “prettier”:

  • @Userper:

    Urban dictionary what a chode is, m8.

    But this looks good TB! I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing lol.

    Look down between your legs m8.

    That’s what the new norse skin looks like.

  • EDIT: Upon further review minus the helmets the agatha barbarian skins looked pretty cool. I’d like to be able to change the color on the bottom part of the knight and vanguard torso though, the part that hangs over their thighs a bit. I also would love to be able to use some of those faces with the existing armor, that would be awesome. As far as the mason’s go I think they could really use some more clothes, they look kinda awkward to me being as they are just about half naked……

    The new norse skin is nice but I think the maul looks to small to be such a powerful weapon, I was hoping to see a maul skin like others have suggested earlier in the thread. I’d be all over a new maul skin if it looked like the ones Patrick suggested.

  • @YarnuTheDog:

    Please tell me you can play at those graphics settings :o

    If so, any tweaks you’ve made to get good performance? (if you get over 100fps)
    Anything under 110 fps for me is terrible due to my 120hz refresh rate :(


  • I kind of liked the older barbarian mason knight model with less chest armor. He looked like some kind of berserker that just would intimidate the Agathians and make them run back to their mothers for safety.

    Also, can we get a bearded axe skin that looks like a 2 handed dane axe?

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