More additional armor and helmets accessorys please

  • like the title says prefereably for free in a massive customization expansion update for both mw and dw. you guys can get creative with your dw helmets. i dont see why not sense the game pretty much broke the laws of reality already . . . you know what i mean. and maybe a expanded color pallet. or some way to mix and create your own custom colors and apply to armor and shields. also expand on the accessory i wanna make my classes look as distinctive as possible.

    also fix some of the aesthetics that are clipping in certain outfits on both games. also please swap some of the knights weapons i find the choices that were made questionable at best. and maybe a new way to customize the aesthetics of the weapons too.

  • Asking TB to put out stuff for free is a bit rich, however nice it’d be.

    What would be good is if community members could make cosmetic items for the workshop with a chance of getting them in the game, either as paid or free community made content and maybe get something for their work. Hardly original of course, TF2 being the obvious model for how it’s been done (sort of) well.

    Modders might be able to answer this actually: is there any reason we don’t see custom stuff in the workshop? Is it not supported?

  • the problem i have with modded content is that no one else but you can see the changes unless they have the same mod.

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