CDW SDK Frontend error

  • I’ve recently been working on a small custom map for CDW (please no flaming ^^), and I’m attempting to cook the map and upload it to the workshop. The cooking process works fine, but when I go to upload it to the workshop I get a funny error " WSTOOL: Initializing Steam client…Steam service failed. Make sure the Steam client is running under a user account that owns the game." I obviously know what this means I just don’t understand why I’m seeing it. I am logged into steam and have no problems with the service. I’ve disabled my A/V, firewall, and UAC. The stranger part, is that when I attempted to upload it using the SDK frontend of CMW, it worked fine (however it replaced tons of CDW resources with NULL, which was expected). Has anyone else had issues such as this? Or is it time to redownload all of the game files -_-.

  • Welp if anyone is having a similar issue, I re-downloaded the game which didn’t change the results so it’s not necessary. However the fix was quite simple. In the Binaries folder there is a missing .txt file called steam_appid.txt. This needs to be in the same folder as the SDKfrontend. I copied the one from the CMW folder and voila, works perfect.

  • Even though I personally might not need this right now, thanks for posting the problem and solution anyway :D
    Because chances are, it’ll happen to me some time, and I would be left scratching my head haha.

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