Customization sigil is all buggy for the free class (FFA/Duel character)

  • I noticed that since last patch, if you were to Customize your appearance, the sigil automatically changes to something weird.

    • The colors do not match the ones you choose. This happens for all sprites/sigils (3rd tab, on the right).

    • Many sprites don’t match the name. My sigil was the Six Eyed Buffalo, and now it looks like the bullseye sigil

    Maybe some other people will report which sigils are not properly matching their names. I checked a few and some were alright and some were not.

    See pic related:

    Other notes:
    After the hotfix from yesterday (04-15) was installed, I verified the game files.
    I didn’t customize my char and it looks fine in many online games. I tried customizing it from the game’s MM and then this happened.

  • yeah I’ve noticed this happening too.
    It’s really weird because it seems it’s only the ffa characters that are affected. When choosing your team colour and sigils they work fine.

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