Sun and bloom/godrays are not alligned.

  • I’m not too sure if anybody else has run into this issue or not, but my dominant light and the bloom/godray source are offset depending on where you look at it from, which makes it look like 2 suns.

    imgur is not letting me upload a picture right now, but just imagine on the left you have the sun texture, on the right is where the bloom and god rays are emitted from.

    So because the light emission occurs on the right of the sun texture, that means that there are godrays coming off the sun texture itself, but going off to the left, it looks silly.

    I’m sure it’s probably something stupid I did when setting up the lighting for my map, and I will probably redo the lighting to fix it up, but just curious to know why it does this.

  • And this is what I mean.

  • I checked out Stoneshill and it seems that this issue is apparent, even on the official maps, although, more subtle there.
    Anybody got any clues to fix it?

  • line the sky up with the light direction, or the light direction up with the sky kind of worked for me i think

  • Well, the sun (on the left) is actually what shows when you use a dominant light source. It’s not a part of the sky sphere.
    I checked on the official maps too, and if you move around, you can see the same problem occurs. It is rather frustrating.
    I also just made a new map, plonked down a dominant light source, added shafts, same problem with default settings.

  • So I have fixed it by playing around with a value I kept overlooking.
    The value is Trace distance. For a large level like mine, I just needed to change the trace distance from the default 70,000 to 1,000,000

    It all depends on the size of your map and the viewing area to see your sun.

  • Cool very intereating

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