War of the Vikings

  • Anyone been following this game? Is it any good? It’s another game from the War of the Roses guys, a game I never bothered with, but this one looks like it has potential.

  • Just a reskin of wotr. I bet it wont be any better.

  • It looks a bit better than wotr. I might give it a go. I was hoping chiv could keep my interest until bannerlord is released, but I’m really starting to get bored with it now. No offence to the game, it’s kept my attention more than any other game ever has, but I could do with something new.

  • @Bluebeard:

    Just a reskin of wotr. I bet it wont be any better.

    It’s not a reskin. It actually has much better combat mechanics IMO (at least from what I played of the beta forever ago). Frankly I won’t miss things like cavalry, crossbows, fire/bleed arrows, WotR’s impossible to balance encumbrance system that made the best possible setup peasant rags and a pitchfork for a long time, etc.

    However, it’s interesting you mentioned reskins, because that’s what 90% of the weapons are. There are 4 melee weapons, 2 bows, and 2 kinds of throwing weapons. All of the unlockables are just reskins with no statistical differences. The perks are also very limited compared to WotR or most modern FPS games.

    Between the lack of customization and the $25 price point, Vikings is definitely not high on my list of things to buy right now. So little variety on the battlefield, the improvements to combat from Roses don’t make up for it. Especially since Roses had about 10x the content on release and even more now, and costs $5 less.

  • Just a horrible game

    Just buy warband if you want a similar game to WOTR and WOTV just much better

  • It’s really meh. It was a lot of fun when I first played it back in beta. But after 2 or so weeks I learned everything about the combat. It was way too easy to top leaderboards and I got bored quickly.

  • I caved in and bought the game. I gave it fair chance, played around hour and half. Here is my opinion:

    It’s fucking terrible.

    This is first game in ages that I regret buying. It’s like Mount & Blade with less responsive controls, terrible engine that has weird lockups every now and then, even with my relatively beefy rig (i5-2500k, 8Gb RAM, R9 280X). The combat is floaty as fuck and lag fucks you up even worse than in chivalry, thanks to one-hit-kill moves. Hitting enemy does not give you any kind of initiative since there seems to be no flinch at all (rejoice, WARSAW!), spears apparently have same reach as swords, parrying seems to prefer ‘up’ direction over everything else, shields sometimes refuse to block (or maybe the fact that I am aiming them fucks me up), archers are super annoying again etc…

    And the best thing is, it’s developed by Fatshark. Studio notorious for abandoning their games. It will probably have same fate as War of the Roses, soon F2P and then abandoned.

    I’d rather play Mount & Blade: Warband.

  • Lol damn ok, I guess I won’t bother with this one either.

  • I got it as a gift.

    Deadliest warrior Vikings are more fun.

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