Testing cooked content

  • I should have posted this a long time ago. I have never been able to test cooked sdk content on local server using Launch server.bat. I follow all the directions listed below copied from wiki. When I try to so this I get an error unable to find UDKEditor located in /binaries/win32. The file doesn’t exist, so I have always had to upload to workshop in order to test map on server. This is the reason I am rapidly approaching 200 updates for map on steam.

    8) Testing cooked and uncooked packages on a server:

    The next thing to do before releasing your map is to make sure it works on a server. This is especially critical if you’re doing any complex Kismet, but this also lets other people test your levels with you can which can obviously be helpful on its own.
    You can launch the game as a server by starting UDKEditor.exe (which doesn’t trigger Steam to open) with “server” after it. See SDK - Launch server.bat, which launches a server on TD-Frigid, with admin password set to “testpass”
    Connect to the server by opening your client, then entering open into the console.

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