Multi server cross platform game play.

  • I had an idea that maybe too much to implement as it would require multi servers with a main server as the central hub. But this is sort of how it would play out where you could actually charge a monthly fee to join the main historical battle maps.

    Basically it plays like a giant game of RIsk. You log into the main server and you are forced to chose Agatha or Mason and you can only change sides once every 24 hours. The overall master map resets if all maps/locations are won by either side. Each map/location has it’s own server keeping stats as to who is on control of that map and the map only resets any time the map is won but the teams also switch positions depending on who is on control or won a map. This is where the master server is sent the information if a map location is under attack and needs defending or lets players know that a map/location is under control. Because the map/locations can only be won in order or through maps/locations that are like mountain passes that link various maps together as a go around, the world could be constantly fought over. You could always add more maps as the game develops.

    My idea comes from playing Aces High flight combat sim where you basically log into the master server then chose a fighting theater only to then go to various maps where battles are taking place for control over territory and overall team expansion to win the known world. Much of what I suggested is in Aces High. The nice thing is that they have total control of server content and game play. Thus the dev team could host the entire war and control content and players.

    This may even be possible to pull off through clan servers that agree to the extra modifications that can host only one map/location. I am not sure how hard it would be to mod which team starts which side of a map or to report events and stats to a master server/database. Some other nice things that could come of this is clan wars, more stats and achievements and much more team play.

    Anyway, though it might be a really cool way to tie in all the maps, story line and the overall world into more team play.

  • if this is implemented, and i think it’s an awesome idea, it would reinforce the idea of using a community or clan to be able to hold areas, or to launch an assault on an area. although this would pose a huge project for this team to do, i think it would make this game AMAZING and would tie in all of the lore even better, you would have to take certain maps to be able to take others. You would even be able to incorporate the age of chivalry lore into it, what little it had. You could have dedicated servers for this, then have other servers for just normal play. but i know if this was implemented i would buy a server for it.

  • Developer

    We had our own grand ideas of a very similar feature. We’ve put it on the backburner for the moment as we felt it was indeed a large project for a team of our size. I’d love to revisit the idea at some point though.

  • I have a buddy that works for Cerner and he is a huge database guy. I will hit him up and see what he thinks and what it would take to set it up as much of this idea is database driven. Besides he is a huge geek and would really like the challenge. He build a database system for our motorcycle boards that kept data and ranked all of us per game that played Xbox along with creating updated avatar services, in his spare time

  • I would love to be able to tackle this idea!
    But of course, we are focused on working on the actual game itself to get it released to you guys :)

    However, I will definitely take a look at this at a later date. :)

  • make it some DLC in the future, to release a new game mode :D

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