Rank 55 helmet please.

  • Ok here’s a problem. Obviously a very small one in comparison to the rest of the issues in the game but it’s one that could be solved by your art team really quickly. Gold helmets aren’t rare anymore. There are at least 2-3 on any given server. They look nice for the most part, but they no longer let you stand out. The next ranked helmet, the pink one for 60, is both gimmicky (since it was made almost as a joke in honor of Sir Pink) and the actual amount of kills to earn something so lame is silly. So at the moment we don’t really have any decent helmet to set you apart from the other scrubs on the battlefield. Not only that, the gold helm’s rareness level is probably in the worst spot it could be: it’s rare enough that every archer on the other team aims at you and no one else, and whenever you lose a 1v6 or something, the noobs that killed you feel proud enough to T-bag you, all while not being rare enough to really set you apart. No one actually wants to wear that pink helmet if they can attain it, and tons of rank 50’s are honestly pretty bad since if you’ve just been casually pubbing as a zweiguard on mindless laggy 32p’s for a while there’s a decent chance you have one. I propose a rank 55 helmet is added, and that it’s less gimmicky than the pink one. Not sure on ideas, maybe just make it a blank customizable model? But I know in NA we only have like 6 players (off the top of my head, i’m sure there are a few more) who are at least rank 55 and less than 60, so it’d definitely fulfill the role of being rare, at least for a few months. Thoughts?

  • well if theyre adding a lvl 55 helmet i want a lvl 45 helmet too because im lvl 46 and this shiny team coloured helmet is starting to get boring, but i dont have the time to get 50k more kills to unlock gold

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