Add new Target to Label & Battering rams.

  • Using “Add new Target to Label” on a Battering ram causes the game to crash when the node is triggered. My set up seems to be identical to the method used for Battlegrounds other than it being an AOCObjective_BatteringRam rather than an AOCObjective_Pushable.

    It might be a problem with my set up, or this technique might just have a bug in via the BatteringRam, which would surprise me since it’s derived from Pushable.

    Just about to update the map with that AI segment disabled, but still in place so you guys can take a look at it (instead of me posting a ton of screenshots.)

  • mine works on ram so it is possible - make sure you haven’t set ‘behavior’ cos that will crass it (on the Add new target to label node)

  • Yeah, the behaviour thing was the issue, no idea why it works on Battlegrounds but not on mine. In any case, thanks!

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