Revert the fuking camera seriously….

  • I can’t stand this no sense anymore, i’m just tired of it, lowered my fov from 140 to 130 to play with this camera, it has been here for a long time now and it’s still way worse than before, OH feint are just way harder to read than before because it’s fuking to high so the overhead will hit you earlier than before anyway (handle hit or not), i can’t tell delay 80% percent of the time now and it was never a problem before, you just can’t see it properly now, side attack (stab) are harder to block, you often don’t even know which side your opponent gonna strike before the last moment, judging range are worse than before to, welcome to all the fuking hit out of reach because of the new camera position, it take more time to feint and then attack someone apparently to since 80% of the time vs someone competent, he’s able to double parry after being feinted, people floating everywhere etc etc ……

    The game is in a terrible state maybe the worse ever and it’s mainly about the new camera who was supposed to help blocking attack, reading feint etc but thats just the opposite, idc about the bubble or anything but this no sense need to be reverted and the animation to, the game is just unresponsive now, if you like it you’re either a maa so you don’t care about reading attack anyway or a random guy who play on TO, duel vs good players plz.

  • inb4 forum pro comes and tells u how he read everything 100% perfect

  • If the camera change makes few trolls, griefers and bad sports quit, I am totally fine with it.

  • Agreed with Edmund. New camera doesn’t accomplish what it was meant to.

  • Ya already tried a poll and I guess it could have been stuffed but it seems like most people like this camera somehow lol. They should at least have option to toggle old camera and anims even if a dev said that’d be “impossible.”

  • Yup hate the new camera. Can’t believe how many times I’ve dodged away and a weapon has still hit me somehow.

  • I didn’t play too much in the new patch but didn’t have any problems in that time. I think best thing would be making the new camera optional though

  • While I don’t mind the camera too much, I’m not opposed to a revert or the option to have the old camera either. It’s definitely too far below the hitbox though.

  • Yeah, I think making the new camera optional would be best, reverting the patch now would just destroy any confidence most players have in TB.

  • Should have had an option in the first place. They have an option to switch to shitty third person ffs

  • @Karasu:

    Should have had an option in the first place. They have an option to switch to shitty third person ffs

    And 3rd person has a couple of different views, why can’t they do this with first person?

  • I agree that the camera absolutely needs to be reverted. It’s a terrible edition to the game.


    Chivalry: Camera Warfare

  • TBS have already stated they coded this game badly, and changing code is very hard to do if not impossible….

    This may be one of those bits of code. Who knows, if they were to implement a toggle it may introduce tons of bugs and it wouldnt be possible/be almost impossible to fix because of the hard code. This is why i can’t wait for Chivalry 2. I think TBS will be able to make an even better game with this newfound experience from scratch. (lets not forget like 80% of this games foundation was made completely over the internet! applause)


    I don’t see how you could possibly say that the new camera makes it harder to read things…you can see more, which directly translates to seeing more things, which means you have a better understanding of whats going on, which means you can read the situation easier…logic, man…unless there is some sort of fundamental bug in the camera that i haven’t noticed, besides just “i don’t like it, make it all squished and narrow again, and make arms float at high fov’s again” yeah, fuck that lol.

  • Uhh ya it is kinda bugged. The hitbox is in front of it. Try leaning back or doing a matrix to just barely avoid an incoming attack by inches. Watch it hit you, even though you saw it not touch you at all. And then on top of that, it doesn’t actually help with anything else lol. You can see more at a lower fov I guess, that’s about it. That’s pretty much only useful to not get the clipping that we all had at 120 fov in the old camera.

  • yeah I liked the old one better myself, the new one wasn’t even needed.

  • Developer

    By the “hitbox being infront of it” I have to assume this is a perception thing. Players being struck in the arms, which stick out farther than the head may tend to feel a bit strange if you don’t understand that is what is happening. The arms can be quite a far bit farther “ahead” than the camera with either the old or new camera positions, but the new one may exaggerate that feeling. Hitting or not hitting the arms can mean the difference of almost half a broadsword length, which may be causing some confusion with range consistency in general.

  • And then what lol the problem is here anyway, what do you plan to do about the camera, thats what people want to know….

  • The camera is fine. You have more difficulty blocking because of the reduced bubble, not because of the camera. It could be moved down slightly though, a lot of OH attacks start right up in your face which makes them hard to read. I automatically crouch leanback these days.

  • Camera seems fine to me. shrug

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