The Great War Mod

  • Now, bear with me on this gents…

    A mod that converts Chivalry to the First World War.
    Obviously it would require some intense effort that I could never imagine myself to undertake but I’m here just posting some thoughts. I can so easily see Chivalry adapting to this setting. Even with small sized servers. The combat would focus primarily on the raiding parties OR (Storm Troops). Combat would be ranged with bolt action rifles with zero ‘hud’ sight and a much less mobile Machine gun. Melee combat would still be quite intense, bayonet, knife, trench mace/clubs, grenades, etc.
    The player in-game voices would need to be amazing just as they are in Medieval Warfare.
    Again, I don’t see this as being a simple mod, rather a dream of what Torn Banner could bring to us in the next several years. :shame:

    An easy thought for the type of constant combat and expenditure of life to expect to see in this type of game would be to remove spawn time (Instant re spawn on death) with 250 tickets per team for a 20 min round.
    So you would simulate players constantly flowing from and to the trenches.
    Obviously some maps would have the trenches closer together and further apart.

    Going prone, climbing out of a trench, these are some concerns that come to mind. Again, just some thoughts I figured I’d write down, and what better place to do it.

    -Baron von Moorland

  • MMM has already made the low respawn mod for chivalry, so there’s 1 part lol.

    this sounds awesome, and that’s 1 thing todays current shooters lack, is good up close in your face mele action, its just a quick shank animation lockout that you don’t control, so a game with both aspects would be fucking epic.

  • As long as they keep the heavy ‘weighted’ feel of medieval warfare. A feeling that I think is lost in Deadliest Warrior.
    Again, its the comic side but still heavy enough to feel intense.
    You could even throw in the ‘command’ functions that would give ‘officers’ different commands than say a basic grunt.
    Giving orders to attack areas, defend, etc.
    It’d be awesome.

  • Here’s what you are looking for:

  • You are better off doing an early 19th century game.

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