The problem with the game

  • Patch after patch after flimsy patch, we are never satisfied. It must be hard for TBS to keep up with us – but I’ll stop right there: They don’t have to “keep up” with us, but instead take a step back. My opinion is simply that Torn Banner have delved too deep into this game to perfect it. They have finetuned the finetuned things, ultimately breaking them, or at least changing them too drastically. It just seems like each patch accumulates one on top of the other, adding too much to the game and changing far too much of the mechanics, and overall performance of the game. Each update “tweaked” something, but if you look at the big picture it majorly changed many things; and not for the best. Take the new camera for example: Changing that should have been enough, but then the bubble was reduced which induced handle hits and what not. It made feints even harder to read, especially at close range, and it seems that the bubble was actually good after all because it “limited” facehugging.

    Ultimately, all of these changes boil down to one thing: the things that the game creators tailored for gameplay - blocking, attacking, parrying, FTP, CFTP, kicking etc - don’t seem to be rewarding anymore.

    When you block, you lose stamina; either that or health. In FFA, you are expected to block alot, and when you do you are rewarded with a chance at a counterattack. Due to the changes in flinch timing and the camera, riposte is next to useless in FFA games now, at least in large groups.

    When you attack, you get to combo, FTP, or CFTP. When you do either of those in combat, your stamina drains before you can even move out of the way. I remember when stamina used to drain a lot less, giving you a good 30 seconds or even one minute more of gameplay and chance to focus. Now the game is only good for dueling, because that’s all stamina “fixes” and “tweaks” have done: optimised stamina for 1v1 combat. The way I see it, stamina should instantly regenerate as soon as you lose a bit of it. Block? Then you should start regenerating again, and quickly. Stamina simply shouldn’t be something that you have a limited quantity of, rather something that can be more dynamic and manageable instead of just looking at how many bars you have left. The current regeneration speed is awfully slow, and all I really insinuate here is that it should start to exponentially increase (from slow to fast) as soon as you lose some. The only problem is that only one thing increases stamina - waiting - and far too many other things deplete it.

    When you parry, you can parry again; instantly. But this isn’t really viable since the turnspeed still limits you anyway, resulting in “ganking” (sandwiching between enemies.) You can also counterattack, but hell, why not let the guy that you just defended yourself from attack you again with a swift backswing, flinching your counterattack or even hittrading?

    This list could go on, but in summation the game just lacks it’s balance and leans more towards duels. I like duels, but I also like taking on more than one player not because I’m cocky but because it is fun, if done right. If I get killed in a fight between me and 3 other guys where I have had plenty of stamina and plenty of chance to kill them, I am happy. But dying within 3 seconds at the current rate when still having blocked about 3 or 4 attacks just isn’t fun. Like I said, it’s unrewarding.

  • Man we won’t stupidly buff the stamina pool so you can keep missing, spinning with your “mentally special” playing style, you miss, you’re punished, didn’t read it all but i know it’s about that, stamina need a buff but not overall, plz don’t try ahah.

  • @Edmund:

    Man we won’t stupidly buff the stamina pool so you can keep missing, spinning with your “mentally special” playing style, you miss, you’re punished, didn’t read it all but i know it’s about that, stamina need a buff but not overall, plz don’t try ahah.

    At least read the topic sentence of each paragraph. To his credit he does go to talk about parrying.

  • Lol Edmund, you contradict yourself all the time thinking everyone agrees with you anyway. You put across your opinion as if it is set in stone. At least the main post I made has a neutral, discursive tone and doesn’t attack anyone specifically for “doing something wrong.” All I am really trying to say is that I can happily take being punished for a miss, given my weapon doesn’t physically look like it hit my target. All those times the attack does actually visually hit and go through the enemy, akin to something like Garry’s Mod noclipping, where the hit doesn’t register would probably cause me and you as well to call bullshit. Wasn’t it you who made a thread regarding the crappy new camera? If you read another few sentences in, I talk about the camera and the bubble and parrying and spinning. The only reason I do the things you consider to be “mentally special” is because there is no better stance than double, simply meaning if I get hit with some bullshit unsync’ed animation, I will probably come back with something even more outlandish. Feel like a quick Sow-stab-feint-to-overhead-feint-into-slash-backswing? Because that is what we are almost forced to do nowadays. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if I done something like that to you ingame you would go off on a tangent and divulge to me how much of bad, horrible cunt that I am and that I should “git gud” and “l2read” feints more and probably conclude your obviously effective and well assessed argument by saying “ur just fukin bad at Chivalry.”

    After all, Edmund, you win even when you lose, right?

  • After all, Edmund, you win even when you lose, right?

    I do yeah, vs player like you that is sure, vs top players not really, i’ll take an example from when i was playing high/medium stakes on poker because it’s exactly the same, you’re like those guys who do the wrong move during the pot and win the pot with a 80/20 bad beat, then they think they’re clever and better because they win the pot but winning doesn’t mean you did the right move or you’re a good player, winning on the long term means you’re a good player and would you be the winner vs me on 20 duels ? never, thats what you don’t understand i think, no need to be mad at me and quoting random stuff like this.

    Your playing style is heavily luck based and it’s great that you’re punished for missing, buff stamina for blocking or feinting, cftp, ftp (once they are all readable) but don’t hope for a bigger stamina pool eheh.

  • nothing is more fun the beast mode mod :)
    stamina is for nerf lovers

    so many haters, so few who have tried it though,
    such a shame cause stamina is 1 of the biggest combat ruining things in this game next to the flinching.

    I agree with you walter 100%, stam drain values are just way to high and limit every ones playing ability,
    its like your all nerfed even before you get to play with the nerfs.

  • Larger stamina pool was more fun. <– my opinion
    But of course a lower cost for parrying and CFTP is an effectively higher stamina pool. I wouldn’t necessarily care whether it’s one way or the other but I would like to see a small increase.

  • Fair enough, I’ve still got a good bit to learn about Chivalry (and I admit that) but all I’m saying is that the current state of the game is deterring. It’s become far too dependent on how careful you are as opposed to how good you are now. So you can project your ego all you want Edmund, and don’t deny that you are. But don’t think I am bashing you for being good, that’s where you heavily misunderstand me. You think if someone disagrees with you, they don’t like you, and then you start insulting and/or criticising them. Could we both just agree to disagree before this thread gets derailed?

  • Why do you even get stam drained for parries? Should be absolutely minimal for all weapons except daggers and that kind of spammy tiny weapon, or just one handers in general. If you can parry 5 incoming attacks in quick succession from a group of enemies to protect yourself - you should be at least no worse off: as opposed to having zero stamina left, getting stunned and being hacked to bits by bad players who wouldn’t even land a single hit on you except when you get stunned.

    Sure - stamina drain for missing attacks and using feints etc etc: das fine - i get it. But stamina drain for legit blocking attacks as well? You get punished for being defensive in this game. You always have to look to press the attack even if outnumbered under most circumstances: because to play defensively is usually to die. You make 2-3 parries without getting your own move in then suddenly they have a big stam advantage over you and then that translates into more for their freedom to fight and feint, and more restraints for you etc.

    Someone explain to me why stamina drain for successful parries with 2hers is a good thing and ill accept it but… I cant see any reasons. Ofc tiny weapons should be drained but, not 2 handers.

    On shields… Shields being drained makes sense for balance as shields can block easier and feints arent such a consideration ofc: but i still think shield ought be able to take one or two more hits before drain atm. It doesnt take many blocks with it before you glance at your stamina bar and then realise you now have no room for error, basically not enough stamina to feint or kick (without draining yourself to almost empty) and then basically end up trying to work out how you can escape without actually having to attack, block, feint or kick. Honestly, its just jarring. It doesnt actually get you killed as much as it did before, but you still feel very limited 60% of the time.

    The way the game is atm in terms of stamina just limits, limits and limits. No-one likes to have their own potential gimped by some dumb mechanic (parry drain) which does nothing except limit the choices a player can make.

  • my 2 cents on the parrying, otherwise you could just sit their blocking indefinitely, some stamina has to drain.

  • Don’t take anything this guys says serious. Trust me on this one.

  • Well, I personally think the stamina drain should at least be smaller. It’s too big right now, you can’t parry 5 times without counterattacking. Kind of shit in 1vN.

  • @Sophax:

    Don’t take anything this guys says serious. Trust me on this one.

    Do you mean me? If so, why? oO

  • yeah I remember when parrying didn’t affect stamina,
    that was a way better solution and made the game way less of a stamina battle.

    nothing is worse as a good player then blocking with a few epic parry’s only to be stun dazed and killed by a level 2 player, that’s obsurd and shouldn’t even happen and right off the bat teaches young players how easy the game is to exploit a flawed combat system.

    good players shouldn’t even have to bat an eye to kill a new player, and stun dazes should be removed as they are just another free hit given away for playing the game how its intended,
    why should people get punished for blocking an attack right.

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