Changing class in LTS

  • If you change your class in LTS but don’t press join game before the next round begins, you spawn with the top left equipment in primary, secondary and special slots. For example, if I choose vanguard, and press join game after the round begins, I will spawn with Greatsword, Shortsword and Throwing Axes.
    People used to do this before the patch so they would spawn shortly after the round began, thus avoiding suicide which otherwise occurs when switching teams.

  • Confirmed.

    Also, it seems if you previously were Knight with Longsword, then swap to Vanguard, this bug will still spawn you as a Knight; but with the Double Axe, Flanged Mace and Throwing Axes(the defaults).

  • Yes, I forgot to mention that this bug will respawn you as the class you were prior to switching classes. I also somehow had this bug happen for me in CTF, but was unable to reproduce it reliably.

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